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Friday, August 13, 2010

Online Interview and Tennis Shoes Update

September 7th. Have I told everyone that yet???? Well, that's the scheduled release date. I never hold my breath on these things because there are often unforeseen circumstances that delay the release a few days or a few weeks, but as of now, that's the release. For those who have pre-ordered an autographed book, I will likely get the books and audio books on the 7th and start shipping right away. So I would expect them around the 9-11th. Again, that's if there's no unforeseen delays.

Those who wish to receive the book as part of the first wave of orders need to place their preorder right away by going to: Link
Or hey, just call me at 801-495-0555 and we'll place the order directly at the merchant site and bypass the online bureaucracy altogether!


--The audio book includes 15 CDs. 19.5 hours! See, I TOLD everyone it was a long book, and doing the audio unabridged was a major project! My publisher proclaimed that this is the longest fiction novel on audio that they have ever released. I'm just happy that, despite being 3 CDs longer than Kingdoms and Conquerors, they were able to keep the price the same. Four narrators. Tons of characters. Tons of voices. For more info on the narrators, etc., read the update I posted last week.

--The book is 512 pages. That includes all the scholarly chapter notes (which are not included in the audio version) as well as a detailed "Cast of Characters" at the beginning which I hope is helpful to anyone who has ever found it challenging to keep track of all the major and minor fictional and historical figures in the storyline.

Lastly, Seagull Book has released a short online interview about Book 11: Sorcerers and Seers online. Go to:Link My thanks to Tim Costello for posting this information also on Facebook.

The publisher, Covenant Communications, is working on a schedule for autograph parties starting in September. As soon as I get any definitive information on that, I'll pass it along to you. Again I express my deep gratitute to all readers and fans. Only three weeks left! You've waited almost five years. I hope, indeed, that the wait was worth it!


  1. Wow I can't wait! I am the obnoxious girl who left the comment on the last post but you ROCK!!!!! I read book 5 and 6 yesterday in just a few hours. I hardly do that. The last time I did that I read the Percy Jackson books in less than a week. Including all the extra books. (I spent a whole lot of money on them too :/oops.) I rarely find an author as good as you. Thanks for....well. Having a blog, and being awesome.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so exited, and can't wait to get it! This is so cool, thanks for the update!

  3. I am soooooo excited!!it comes out near my brothers birthday and i keep telling him that he is not the only one getting presents for his birthday. Thank you so much Chris for sharing your amazing talent with all of us fans. <(^_^)>

  4. So will there be an autograph party down under?? Yeah, I know, Australia is a bit far, but a fan can dream, right?! I can't wait to read it. I'll try to get the time difference right when I call to order =) I can't wait to read it!!!

  5. Chris!
    You are worth the wait!
    Thanks for your hard work recording everything.
    At my house we particularly love hearing your audio books.
    In preparation for #11, I am listening to my whole set of Tennis Shoes again! I think this is the 4th time, hey, whose counting?

  6. Hi Chris! I am a 13 year old girl who loves your books! I have read the first two, and I'm sure all the rest will be just as great. I am going to read all the rest of your books before the 11th comes out so I can read that one too. I also have a favor to ask you. I was wanting to write you a letter, and I can't find out what your adress is. Could you by any chance tell me what it is? Thanks.

  7. I don't publish my physical address unless necessary. Just send me a letter via email. :)

  8. Hey Chris, this is exciting that your book is finally coming out. I have been waiting so long for it and I when I heard it was coming out in Sept I got scared because i leave for my mission the end of Sept. Anyways my preorder should come just in time to read it. :) Thanks for all your work on the series throughout our childhoods my family always fell asleep at night listening to the audiobooks.

  9. Buba's Bodacious Babe, if you look in the back of some of his books (or if you listen to the end of any of the audio books) it will have Chris's mailing address. And you can mail him a letter using that. :)
    Hope I helped.