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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Signing Schedule/ Free Stuff Thru October

Here's my October autograph signing schedule. I'm excited to be going to Idaho and Ogden, which are new locations (this season). I love BYU bookstores in both states. We also slipped in a signing at the Utah Valley University bookstore. I happily confess, I've never had more fun meeting fans and signing books. I know. It's been toooo long!!! I've been roundly reprimanded by MANY fans for having to wait 5 years between books. I promise such a time-span will never elapse again. So here's where I'll be in Oct:

Sat 10/9 - 11-4 pm, Orem Costco
Fri 10/15 – BYU-Idaho, 11-3 pm
Sat 10/16 – Pocatello Costco, 11-3 pm
Sat 10/16 - 4-5 pm Pocatello Deseret Book
Thur 10/21 - 11-3 pm, Lehi Costco
Fri 10/22 - 4-7 pm, S. Ogden Costco
Sat 10/23 - Chris will be speaking at BMAF Convention (Book of Mormon Archealogical Foundation) -Sheraton Hotel - 150 W. 500 S., Salt Lake City, UT. Starts at 9:00 AM. (Call 208-736-3779  or  208-420-0945 for more registration information)
Thur 10/28 - 11-4 pm, Murray Costco
Fri Oct. 29 - 11 am to 1 pm, UVU Bookstore, Orem
Sat 10/30 - 11-3 pm, West Bountiful Costco
The offering of FREE STUFF with every order placed through me
(801-495-0555) or http://www.heimerrecords.com/ over $20 (before shipping costs) will continue THROUGH OCTOBER. Many people, of course, email asking, "What's the free stuff?" and I perpetually reply, "It's a surprise. Call to find out!" An opportunity like this is probably reserved for the authors (you know, because of connections, etc.) When you hear which published items I'm referring to, you'll understand. So whatcha got to lose? Just call. Even if you already have some of these items, turn them into Christmas gifts! I hope such gifts will make you a hero (or at least a very nice person) to relatives and friends. Place the order online and I will contact you via phone or email to ask which free item you want. I hope this makes October a little more enjoyable for customers. October is the birthday month for my wife, my mother, my brother, and one of my children.  So...BUSY MONTH!
Stay close to the Lord.
Chris Heimerdinger


  1. I'm so excited I'll get to see you at the BYU-Idaho bookstore! Hopefully I'll have enough time between classes. Last time I went to one of your signings was when Warriors of Cumorah came out...that seems so long ago now.

  2. Hey Chris, I was looking through your online store and I noticed how sparse it was. Do you have somewhere I can see your full list of books you have for sale? I would love to reintroduce myself to some of your earlier works. Thanks!

  3. Yes, the HeimerRecords.com site is sparse. Deliberately so because it's such a pain to put up items. That's why I offer people the opportunity to call me directly at 801-495-0555. I can tell you every item that I've ever published and what it costs. :)

  4. Will you have any box sets to purchase at your signings? I hope so because I live in Alaska and am sending a family member (my mom, she introduced me to the series 18ish years ago when the first book came out) to pick up the book(s) so I can read them to my kids.

  5. Oh I am so jealous of all of you that live in Utah and Idaho that get to go to a book signing from Chris... but it isn't enough to get me to move back.... all of you enjoy it... :)

  6. why do you have to do all your signings at costco I dont have a membership

  7. Let's see...A few questions to answer. No, AJ, you must have old virus software because no customer has ever complained that they have picked up a virus from our site--and a Trojan anything is about the oldest, silliest viruses in the computer world. But no need to take any risk. Just call me directly at 801-495-0555.

    Not ALL signings are at Costco, Beth, but that's where the traffic is at this time of year, so that's where the publisher puts me. I'm sure it will branch out to other stores for the Christmas season.

    And yes, Dan, at most signings they have the box sets--particularly at Costco. So you're in luck!

  8. Did I hear that their is a Passage to Zarahemla II coming out?

    James is enoying the Book he got for his birthday. Thanks for autographing it.

  9. October is birthday month for ME also. I am 65 today on 10/10/10! How cool is that! I am not celebrating retirement (since I never held a job after marriage and was busy raising children) so I am spending the rest of my life doing what I love ....photography and photo restorations, painting, gardening and READING! I have read all your published books twice and hoping to fit the new book into my budget this month!

  10. Hey! When you go to BYU Idaho, wouldn't it be a lot easier to swing by Cache Valley, instead of having to drive up again if you are somehow able to schedule a signing up here?! It should be a whole lot more convenient for you.