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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A CELEBRATION OF MONTHS: 1 Month to Pre-Order "Escape to Zarahemla"/ Hunter Helaman is 1 Month Old!

It's September First! So, in theory, this means that my publisher, Covenant Communcation, AKA, Deseret Book, AKA, the LDS Church (many people don't realize that ALL of these companies, including Seagull Book, are subsidiaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which means that, technically, I'm a Church employee!)...Anyway, Escape From Zarahemla will release in 1 (say it with me--ONE!) month.

I finished the audio recording on my birthday, Aug. 26th. Took five days. (It's a long book!) and I was the sole narrator of this one (since it's written in 3rd person). Lots of voices. In the past I've been saddled with having to narrate when I've had a cold, or been all stuffed up, etc., and I can usually hear it in my voice. But for this one I was cold-free. The reading seemed as smooth as molasses. 8 CDs, from what they told me. Or $27.99. Although we are pre-selling it at $25.19 at www.frostcave.com. PRE-ORDER TODAY! If it's easier, just call me directly at 801-495-0555. Especially if you order more than one item. I can generally save folks $$ on shipping. Unlike the AMAZON philosophy, which generally tries to give the seller a dollar or more extra profit on any book sold, I don't believe in making any profit on shipping. I try to be very close to ACTUAL cost.

Those interested in more than one item should check out my books on Amazon. Every LDS author you can imagine--plus lots of great books in general. It's become kind of a sideline to help feed my oversized family. Over 500 products now. However, if you can, try to buy from me directly by calling. I can ALWAYS save you on shipping. To see the managerie of titles, go to: FrostCave on Amazon

Those who pre-order, especially if they live outside Utah, will likely recieve Escape From Zarahemla before their local bookstores. As I've said before, this IS a Tennis Shoes novel. Make no mistake about it. Portions of Book 12: Thorns of Glory will be harder to follow without having read Escape.

Oh, and yeah, I had another birthday. I'm at that age when I don't much count such events anymore. But Emily bought me some nice shirts and new car mats for my Hundai Sonata. Yup, I own the most commonly sold vehicle in America. A few years ago I owned a Honda Accord, also the most commonly sold vehicle at that time. Now I own a Sonata. Next year, it's all Ferraris, but this year we'll stick with more practical modes of transport.

Little Hunter is doing great. Starting to smile. Very wiggly and determined. I predict he'll walk before he's a year old. Here are some additional pictures:

Finally got him with his eyes open!
Hunter and my 8 yr. old daughter, Liahona
Safe in Mommy's hands


  1. do you have to read the first passage to zarahemla book to read the second one?

  2. He is so cute!!! I second Audrey's question, I read Passage when it first came out but I haven't read it since and I can't find my copy. Will we be lost if we read the second one first?