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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Writing Workshop in Preston, ID...among other UPDATES

WHAT??? You mean there are still some readers who visit FrostCave rather than www.foreverlds.com?? Shucks, I posted last winter that fans needed to make this transition. I haven't posted on FrostCave since 2015, hoping folks would start heading to ForeverLDS.com, which is a blog PLUS a podcast PLUS lots of other things. Then fans and friends on Facebook started asking why I'd stopped posting to FrostCave and I realized my message hadn't reached everyone. SOOOO I guess I'll have to occasionally post here too, providing updates, and reminding folks to sign up on ForeverLDS.

FOR STARTERS--I'm doing an "in person" Professional Writing Workshop in Preston, Idaho (which is only a hop and skip from where I live, in Providence, UT).

It kicks off with a DINNER and FIRESIDE humbly called "A Night With Chris Heimerdinger." (Tried to convince them to call it "A Night With Mater and Yoda" since my 5-yr-old son has forced me to learn some pretty good impersonations, but they didn't think it would sell as many tickets. I wasn't so sure.)

PLACE: Kimber Academy in Preston, ID, 17 E. Oneida Avenue
TIME: Thurs., Sept. 15 at 6:00 PM.
COST: $7.50 per person. $20.00 per family (up to 6). $5.00 per person above 6.
FREE PERKS: Dinner (Duh!) and a free signed copy of the DVD Passage to Zarahemla
Chris will also autograph and sell copies of some of his other published works. BRING UNSIGNED BOOKS YOU ALREADY OWN TOO!

Of course, at the dinner we'll also talk about the Writing Workshop. Space is limit to 30-35 students. Call me at 801-870-2070 or sign-ups will start that night. You can also call Noel Barney of the Preston Kimber Academy at 801-678-9683.

PLACE: Kimber Academy in Preston, ID, 17 E. Oneida Avenue
FIRST CLASS: Friday, September 23
TIME: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
SCHEDULE: No class last week in October (Hunting Day)
COST: $75.00
SPECIAL NOTE: Classes cover a range of topics from Nurturing Ideas, Character Design, Plot, Editing, Publishing, Self-Publishing, Marketing, and more. Toward the end students will be asked to submit samples of their own writing for a professional critique. Don't be freaked out by this. The goal is to build your confidence and help talented wordsmiths know exactly what to expect if they truly wish to pursue a full-time writing career or a rewarding storytelling hobby.

If you live in Florida, the weekly commute might be a bit overwhelming, but anywhere in northern Utah or south-eastern Idaho might be worth it. You can enroll by calling me directly at 801-870-2070 or come to the dinner and fireside on Sept. 15. RECOMMENDED AGE FOR STUDENTS IS BETWEEN 14 AND 104. (We'll consider a student under 14, but they better be a very active reader and highly precocious. If you're under 14 and don't know the meaning of "precocious", that's a pretty good indicator that you might be too young. Okay, we'll even consider students over 104, but it's our experience that most fail to complete long term projects. Was that "ageist?" Sometimes I just don't know how far gone things are with PC.

NOW, before anyone starts asking the obvious, such as "WHEN IS THORNS OF GLORY COMING OUT?!?!" let me just give you the scoop: I'm over half way. Things are going good. I hope to finish soon. But now for a dose of reality...The LDS market does NOT pay what it did ten years ago. Is that a news flash for anyone? Then let me repeat it. The LDS market does NOT pay what it did even FIVE years ago. That's why many of my LDS-genre author friends are no longer LDS-genre authors, but have moved into other national market genres, some with considerable success. I've resisted this--resisted, resisted, resisted--for soooo long. And honestly, if the Tennis Shoes series was complete, I'd have probably given in. I'd hate myself for it, but let's face it: Feeding my family has to come first. Hey, ask Gerald Lund if his latest novel series is selling anywhere CLOSE to his "Work and the Glory" series. Half as well? Keep coming down. One fourth? Still down. One TENTH as well? Uh-uh. Dowwwwn. Yer kidding, right? Oh, I wish I were.

Anyway, the fact is that my Tennis Shoes series is not complete, and so I've stubbornly REFUSED to write any other major novel projects that might be more lucrative until I finish it. Why? Well...for the simple reason that if I got hit by a bus, it would be as if I wrote 12 books for nuthin', leaving the dat-gum story incomplete and soon entirely forgotten. So I forge ahead, undaunted. Okay, not ENTIRELY undaunted. Admittedly, I've been forced to take on a few freelance projects to make ends meet from time to time, and YES, that does slow down the completion of the series (in case you haven't noticed). I don't think I've ever confessed that to my fans before, but I felt it was about time. Just bear with me. I fully expect Thorns of Glory to be the best in the series. You know how sometimes a series gets worse as it goes along? I won't mention any names, like Divergent or anything. (Wait...I said I wasn't gonna mention any...Doggoneit!)  Anyway, I'd be crushed if anyone said that about The Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. The last book(s) (still not sure if it'll be one book or two) will be the best in the series or I'll die trying.)

That's a promise. As to when it'll be released? No promises whatsoever.

But I am hoping to finish the manuscript around the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

Chris Heimerdinger


  1. Possibly a stupid and/or insensitive question but I'm just wondering...Will this be the last book in the series or will there be more to come yet?

  2. I believe the reason why people are still visiting Frost Cave is because in your last Frost Cave post (in December 2015), you said "I'll continue to post here on FrostCave.blogspot.com" even though you added, "But I invite all Frost 'Cavers' to also join www.foreverLDS.com."

  3. I just started re-listening to all of your books in anticipation for the Thorns of Glory. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. So why has the LDS market gone down so drastically? It isn't obvious to me.

    1. Three reasons, Brenda. The consolidation the LDS market into one primary publisher and bookstore. Deseret Book is all that there is, and this monopolization without competiton is bound to have a stifling effect on the LDS market. Keep in mind that Covenant Communication, Seagull Book, LDS Living, Excel Entertainment, Shadow Mountain, etc., are ALL Deseret Book. Second, Amazon. This gargantuan corporation even owns much of the profits of Deseret Book in ebook sales. They have tried to compete with their own format called Bookshelf, but what's sold is still a pittance compared to Amazon and Kindle. Third, is the dissolution by the Church of sponsoring family firesides by LDS so-called celebrities. I discuss this at length in a post I made on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheimerdinger/posts/10210487682962068