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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I did request one minor change to this current version. I wanted the bottom tagline (or subtitle--which is barely visible here unless you enlarge it by clicking on the image) to read "The Thrilling Sequel to Passage to Zarahemla" and then either italicize or bold the title Passage to Zarahemla. But overall, I think this is MUCH better. Compare for yourself. And then PRE-ORDER the doggone thing! I've gotten orders on books, but no lucky soul has yet pre-ordered the very first audio CDs. I will sign that product as, "First audio CD of this book EVER SOLD!" which, as of this moment, would be quite accurate.

To pre-order, go to:


OR! http://www.frostcave.com/shop/

Or just call me at 801-495-0555 and we'll use my merchant account. So call now! But not tomorrow. ANY day but tomorrow. I'm sort of having a baby tomorrow.

Oh, aw-right. You can leave a message tomorrow and I'll call you back. :)

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  1. I really like this cover better than the preliminary one.

  2. I think that looks much better than the first cover.

  3. I"m so flipping excited!! I cannot wait till October!! I will be given you a call. I'm really excited for this book. My mom doesn't understand the importance that this book will have on her favorite series ever! But yeah, we're all really excited for the next book!! Can't wait!

  4. Perhaps we'd like to see all your books in UNABRIDGED versions before we pre-order. The audio loses something in abridged versions. I have a few dyslexic kids who listen as they read along and it's kind of hard to do that with an abridged version. You could always have someone else do the reading (of course, I don't know what that would do to your income). Congratulations on the birth of Hunter!

  5. I like it but just out of curiosity how come the actors? I thought you described them looking different in the books. Still like it though! I'm excited to read it!