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Friday, July 22, 2011

Pre-Sales Begin For "Escape From Zarahemla"

To pre-order Escape From Zarahemla for shipment in October, call 1-801-495-0555. Ask for Chris.
(other ordering options listed below)

Okay, what you're looking at here is only the "preliminary" cover for Escape From Zarahemla. The main reason I went a little psycho and told the publisher they couldn't go this direction was because it features three Gadianton characters who are DEAD!! All three of these guys died in the first novel and movie Passage to Zarahemla. I also didn't like the smiling, lighthearted expressions on Kerra and Brock. Reminded me too much of something like The Buttercream Gang. So I explained to the artists that this was an INTENSE STORY with wall-to-wall action and the character's expressions should reflect such. Thus, we went back to the drawing board, found MUCH better character images, and changed things up quite a bit. The new cover will (I'm told) feature Nephites instead of Gadiantons, and a jaguar. I'll reveal the final cover as soon as they finish it. 

None of this matters, of course, when pre-ordering the book or audio CDs. We've already discounted both products from the publisher's suggested retail prices ($16.99 and $27.99.) If you order directly from me by calling 1-801-495-0555, shipping will be a little cheaper. If it's more convenient, you can also order from Amazon, but those who know Amazon know that shipping is $4.00 for every single item, so if you want, say, the book AND the audio CDs, or two books, or whatever, then you should DEFINITELY order directly from me or from http://www.frostcave.com/. Also, if you want a personalized autograph for the purposes of a gift, etc., ordering with my merchant account makes that process much simpler.

So here are the three ways to pre-order the newest adventure:

1. Call me direct at 801-495-0555 with a Visa or MC. Ask for Chris.
2. Go to: http://www.frostcave.com/shop
3. Use Amazon. For the BOOK, go to:
                          For the AUDIO CDs go to:

My sincere thanks to all my fans and readers through the years. I hope the feedback in October confirms my instincts that Escape From Zarahemla is one of the most exciting and satisfying Book of Mormon adventures I've written. :)

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  1. Great news. It is a nice picture even if inaccurate. Is that the actress from the movie? Will pre-order soon. I'm sure the real cover will be as good.