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Monday, October 10, 2011

Escape Reviews--NO SPOILERS!

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Hey fans and readers,

Many are likely finishing reading of "Escape to Zarahemla," which means that a few reviews may soon be posted. You can express if you love or hate it, but please don't give away some of the plot twists or the connections with the "Tennis Shoes Adventure Series." Let all readers enjoy those connections on their own.

I'm deeply appreciative of the feedback I've gotten so far. My goal with this book was to return to the non-stop action that likely established my reputation and career. You can let me know if I succeeded. :)

Chris Heimerdinger

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  1. Once again I'm pulled into an amazing story with each character coming to life. Love this new book!
    The only warning I'd give is that it is not a book intended for small children to read or listen to. Some pretty gruesome action here and there! I've let my kids all enjoy the Tennis Shoes series but I've let them know that this one is off limits.
    You're talent as a great writer and narrator shines through once again!

  2. Chris, you've really got a talent for wrinting, PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!

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  4. I had a comment from Cody that I couldn't post because it potentially had spoilers. But the gist of it was that he didn't like the ending and wanted the Passage Series to stand on its own and not tie into the Tennis Shoes series, even wondered if I did this draw more readers to both series. None of that was in my head. I thought it would COOL to tie things together. Doing something I feel is cool as an artist is my only motivation. Cool sells, one can hope. Those who read Seers and Sorcerers know that the "set-up" was planted two years ago. The pressure to write a "Passage" sequel was high. My imagination struck on an idea, and I followed up with it. I have no idea how to make a book sell or not sell. I can't think that far ahead. I just write stories that personally entertain me. Thanks Cody.