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Friday, July 25, 2014

FREE Book or DVD WITH Tennis Shoes 12 Pre-Order

Hello Tennis Shoes Fans!

Some have reported that they tried to pre-order a signed copy of Tennis Shoes Book 12: Drums of Desolation but couldn't get through on my phone. That may have been because we were on vacation and sometimes I didn't have cell service (Grand Canyon, etc.). I'm home now and my cell is close at hand. 801-870-2070. If for some reason I don't answer, just send a text (my voice message is not set up) and I will call back at my first convenience. Book or Audio Book will be mailed in October.

ALSO for those who would like to pre-order an autographed copy through Amazon:
To Pre-Order Drums of Desolation Book
To Pre-Order Drums of Desolation Audio CDs

Lastly, for those who call me personally to order Tennis Shoes 12 book or CD beginning July 25, I'll provide one free item:

--Passage to Zarahemla Book (2003 Edition) ($14.95 value)
--Escape from Zarahemla Book ($16.95 value)
--Passage to Zarahemla DVD ($15.95 value)

--Pre-Order customers may also get the Audio CD of Escape from Zarahemla for an additional $10.00. ($27.95 value)

Note that all items will be charged $3.00 for shipping.

Some readers haven't quite grasped that Drums of Desolation is a sequel not only to Sorcerers and Seers, but also to Escape from Zarahemla. These two series come together in Tennis Shoes Book 12.

Chris Heimerdinger


  1. So how much is drums of desolation

  2. $17.95. That's the price they told me. The Audio CDs are $39.95. Thanks Melinda.