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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pre-Order Tennis Shoes Book 12: Drums of Desolation

Hey Tennis Shoes Fans!

Time to Pre-Order Book 12: Drums of Desolation. Call me directly at 801-870-2070 to use Visa or MC. BE AMONG THE VERY FIRST! (Don't be shy. I'm not that famous.)

Drums Book $17.95
Drums Audio Book on CD $39.95

You can order other Heimerdinger products simultaneously. Any orders of my books or audiobooks, DVDs, etc.,  feeds my family so I deeply appreciate it. This book is one of my best in the series, so I hope you enjoy it. Cover will be metallic silver with metallic gold. Length is about the same as Sorcerers and Seers. Release date is presently Oct. 1st. I hope to ship it out to pre-order customers before it hits stores!

Chris Heimerdinger


  1. Well, I wasn't first, but ordered my DVD and now just must endure pins and needles until October 1!!!

    Best of luck with this one!

  2. I'm so glad to finally see a cover, though I'm not sure I like it... The shoes look like rainbow sherbet ice cream... Excited anyway! :)

  3. I saw this late last night and was super excited!! Can't wait to order! I tried once, but I'll keep trying 100 times a day if necessary until I place my order. The segments have me holding my breath.

  4. Just ordered ours and we're super excited!!!

  5. Is the Kindle/EReader version available for pre-order?

  6. Will it be signed like you did with SAS?

  7. Yes, I will sign it. No, the Kindle is not yet available. Not sure when it will be.

  8. Hey Chris, if I sent you a copy of the first Tennis Shoes, would you sign it then ship it back if I provided a return label? Thanks!

  9. Yes, if I was sent a Tennis Shoes book with a Self-Stamped Envelope for return I would be happy to sign it.

  10. Hey Chris are you thinking about making the tennis shoes a movie series?
    if so will it be like how the lord of the rings is set up two parts per book. Or you could morph a couple of the books together and make a collective series, and if you like i will compose a roster of actors for all the charters in the series
    Your adoring fan
    -Noah Bloomfield

  11. Hey Chris, just saw this and I am so excited to get my pre-order in. Of course I have to wait till october, but that gives me time to read the last couple of books and also Escape from Zarahelma to get myself caught back up with the adventure. I would like to say, I would love to see these books made into movies, I always thought it would be cool to do them animated like PIXAR moves and then its about having people do the voices and if you had the same people who read do the voices that would be even cooler. Just a thought. Well Im waiting to hear back from you to pre-order my copy. I will also try periodically myself as well.

    Forever a Fan.
    Mark Perryman