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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ultimate Intelligence

I think Heavenly Father's definition of "intelligence" is very different than the world's definition, and I worry that some saints get sucked into believing what the world pushes. First reread Abr. 3:19 so that we have this issue in the proper perspective. There's Someone more than intelligent than all of us. Can we accept that? Okay, we can move on.

Apparently intelligence has very little to do with an abiltiy to intake vast sums of information or comprehend complex mathematical equations or winning a Nobel Price. All these are admirable and noble acheivements, but are they necessarily proof of "intelligence?"

I’ve long said that the Holy Ghost is the great equalizer of humanity. It is the definer of true intelligence. It is the phenomenon that allows the humble farmer from Burley, Idaho—(I don’t know why I pick on Burley, Idaho, or even farmers, because farming actually requires quite a bit of intelligence). Let’s just say it’s what allows the average fast food employee—(again I can't seem to make this analogy without offending someone) to stand on equal footing with celebrated theoretical physicists. You see, if that fast food guy listens to--and obeys--the Holy Ghost, and thereby makes righteous choices and lives his/her life in such a way that they obtain the Celestial Kingdom, whereas the theoretical physicist rejects the whisperings of the Holy Spirit, lives a personal life of sin and degradation, and in the end obtains only the Telestial Kingdom, who, in the eyes of eternity, was more “intelligent?”

That’s why the Holy Ghost is humanity’s great equalizer. It puts everybody on equal footing, no matter the background or any advantages of education, upbringing, race, wealth, or talents. It allows each of us, if we listen to its promptings, the opportunity to become like God. To have glory added unto us forever and forever. And embracing that opportunity is, no doubt, the very definition of “intelligence.”

So much more I could say on this matter, but I gotta take my daughter to the zoo. And hey...maybe that's a lot more intelligent than spending my afternoon doing philosphical gymnastics on my blog. :)

(c) Copyright 2009, Chris Heimerdinger


  1. I think another great concept to remember is that which is revealed to us in D&C 93: 36-37 -- The glory of God is intelligence; or in other words, light and truth. Light and truth forsake that evil one.

    In other words - prior to our organization as Spirit children of God we existed as intelligences - or in other words truth and light in its purest form. Our existence and creation from such is what allows us to be intellectual equals to those around us. With the presence of the Holy Ghost guiding our lives, the truth revealed through the Spirit allows us to interact with our brothers and sisters on a more spiritual level as opposed to the mortal parameters which influence our lives everyday.

  2. Hey Chris,
    I just went back and reread your past posts and comments. Sorry to hear about the divorce, congrats on the marriage and the missionary in the field and to your wife going into a marraige with 9 kids. I know your working on #11 right now, but I was wondering if this is going to be your last or in the future say next 20 years, will there be more tennis shoe books. As far as your comments on intelligences today it made me think of my grandfather. He always put more faith in someone who could balance their checkbook then someone who had a masters or a doctorate.
    How wonderful it is to know that we have a Father who allows for ALL of His children to not only achieve what they were created for but to find joy in it as well.

  3. Yeah, I think "intelligence" is one example of the Lord using a word with a technical definition in mind, not the common meaning. Kind of like how "charity" in the scriptures does not mean "giving to the poor," and "hope" does not mean "crossing your fingers and wishing it's true even though you're not sure," and "prophet" does not mean "person who predicts the future." The Lord's definitions are similar in some ways, but they differ in really important ways. If we have the wrong definition in mind, we can never fully understand what He's trying to tell us.

    I took a class from Craig Ostler at BYU. He pointed out that the scriptures define intelligence as "light and truth" (D&C 93:36). One way of interpreting that is to say that "intelligence" is knowledge (truth) that is applied (light). So Satan has "truth" (he knows a lot), but since he doesn't apply it or live it, he has no "light." So he has the least intelligence, by the Lord's definition; he lacks light, or glory. Those who apply the things they know (add light to their truth) end up with the greatest glory.