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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Signing Schedule/ Free Stuff Thru October

Here's my October autograph signing schedule. I'm excited to be going to Idaho and Ogden, which are new locations (this season). I love BYU bookstores in both states. We also slipped in a signing at the Utah Valley University bookstore. I happily confess, I've never had more fun meeting fans and signing books. I know. It's been toooo long!!! I've been roundly reprimanded by MANY fans for having to wait 5 years between books. I promise such a time-span will never elapse again. So here's where I'll be in Oct:

Sat 10/9 - 11-4 pm, Orem Costco
Fri 10/15 – BYU-Idaho, 11-3 pm
Sat 10/16 – Pocatello Costco, 11-3 pm
Sat 10/16 - 4-5 pm Pocatello Deseret Book
Thur 10/21 - 11-3 pm, Lehi Costco
Fri 10/22 - 4-7 pm, S. Ogden Costco
Sat 10/23 - Chris will be speaking at BMAF Convention (Book of Mormon Archealogical Foundation) -Sheraton Hotel - 150 W. 500 S., Salt Lake City, UT. Starts at 9:00 AM. (Call 208-736-3779  or  208-420-0945 for more registration information)
Thur 10/28 - 11-4 pm, Murray Costco
Fri Oct. 29 - 11 am to 1 pm, UVU Bookstore, Orem
Sat 10/30 - 11-3 pm, West Bountiful Costco
The offering of FREE STUFF with every order placed through me
(801-495-0555) or http://www.heimerrecords.com/ over $20 (before shipping costs) will continue THROUGH OCTOBER. Many people, of course, email asking, "What's the free stuff?" and I perpetually reply, "It's a surprise. Call to find out!" An opportunity like this is probably reserved for the authors (you know, because of connections, etc.) When you hear which published items I'm referring to, you'll understand. So whatcha got to lose? Just call. Even if you already have some of these items, turn them into Christmas gifts! I hope such gifts will make you a hero (or at least a very nice person) to relatives and friends. Place the order online and I will contact you via phone or email to ask which free item you want. I hope this makes October a little more enjoyable for customers. October is the birthday month for my wife, my mother, my brother, and one of my children.  So...BUSY MONTH!
Stay close to the Lord.
Chris Heimerdinger

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Seems my life these days consists of two things: autograph signings and family. When I write I'm either composing the sequel to Passage to Zarahemla, (maybe I should just call it what it is: Escape From Zarahemla) or creating the presentation that I'm giving in October for BMAF (Book of Mormon Archeological Foundation).

I wanted to thank all those who ordered autographed copies of various books and audio books (primarily Sorcerers and Seers) over the past few months. I hope by now that all customers have received their copies--signed and sealed. I've certainly noticed there's a lot of competition now from various stores and venders--internet and otherwise--vying for book sales. So I decided, why not beat them all?

Here's the deal. Beginning Friday Sept 24, everyone who places a new order of $20 or more with http://www.heimerrecords.com or simply by calling me directly at 801-495-0555, will receive a choice of one free Heimerdinger product. Yes, you will have a choice between three or four KNOWN CREATIONS that my publishers have marketed in LDS bookstores. This sale will last through October. I think I'm gonna to leave the identity of such items to your imagination right now, that is, except for those who place orders. If you place the new order online, I will contact you via email or phone to ask which free item you would like included. But why not just call? The website does not sell many of my books yet (because this particular ordering site, in my humble opinion, is kind of rinky-dink, but a wonderful new webmaster named Courtney Wilson is helping to spruce things up).

In case you're wonderfing, this is something that only I can offer. No other retailer can do so. I'm taking full advantage of my position as an author and the products I have on hand that are not available anywhere else (at least in the same capacity). And hey, my family has become quite proficient at packaging orders. It's a great way to bring us all together.

I deeply appreciate the positive feedback that I've received so far on Sorcerers and Seers. I will say again to readers: Resist the urge to skip chapters and read ahead to find out what happens to certain characters or with certain events. Several readers have confessed that doing this undermined some of their enjoyment of the novel. Why did it undermine the experience? Well, because even if a chapter does not necessarily discuss a certain character or certain events, the inter-relationship between what is happening in the various time periods is critical. I wrote the story in the order that I wrote it for a reason. Okay, I'll give you one specific example. Those who have already read the book might appreciate how Jude's situation provides valuable insights for Meagan's situation. That's all I'll say about it. There are other examples I could give. So however difficult the temptation is to resist skipping ahead, I strongly advise that you read the book cover to cover in order.

Lastly, please be careful about posting "spoilers" on places like Facebook or other sites. Let readers consume the plot with the same sense of mystery about what happens next as every other reader. I also strongly advise all fans and readers to join the Chris Heimerdinger Group on Facebook. This is a forum that I moderate along with another fan named Brandon Wilcox. This club allows me to address many of the specific questions that readers have that are too complicated to post here. Readers can also have discussions with each other on various topics. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to talk "Tennis Shoes turkey", but I'd prefer to do so on the Chris Heimerdinger Group page. Thanks again for your fanship and dedication to this adventure series.

Chris Heimerdinger

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Long Awaited Day....

There can be no doubt that I have never gone so long between books. No doubt that this is the most ambitious novel I've undertaken, and the longest. I think I can safely report that most bookstores have Tennis Shoes Adventure Book 11: Sorcerers and Seers out on the shelves. Most of my book signings so far have been extraordinarily successful. Yesterday, between the two venues, I signed about 200 books for people--some avid fans, and some who were buying the books for the first time. In any case, these kinds of numbers are not particularly common for me. It was, humbly speaking, more attention than usual.

I've gotten positive feedback from fans so far, but I'm sure I'll inevitably get the latter. Yesterday at the Sandy, Costco I had a strange confrontation with a fan who assured me that he "loved my books" but would not purchase any more until the series was totally complete. It was a very love/hate kind of confrontation, but I think I understand the sentiment.

The standard response I always give to folks at signings when they ask if this is the last book is, "No. Right now I'm working on a sequel to Passage to Zarahemla. This sequel will tie-in to the Tennis Shoes series. And when you read the sequel to Passage to Zarahemla (called Escape From Zarahemla), you'll understand why this book had to be written before I could write Book 12 or Thorns of Glory." In a sense that means there will be at least two more novels in the Tennis Shoes "saga." And maybe more beyond that. But my goal is to at least complete the basic storyline currently underway in Book 12.

I realize I've pursued a very strange style of storytelling to end a book on a cliffhanger. It's not such an uncommon style with modern authors, but I know a reader is often tempted to groan in frustration when they reach the last page. However, for any reader who simply loves a great story, and can drink in the plot and words and characters, I'm not sure they should care too much. Many appreciate the complex milieu and are grateful that it isn't the end--that characters they have come to know and appeciate will "be back." Each of my Tennis Shoes novels have successively gotten longer, meaning that I have tried to create greater "value" simply by adding more adventure. That may be the result of addressing the "frustration" sentiment. Will more pages to keep someone on the edge of their seat seem more worth the price? But even a good friend of mine who works for my publisher expressed that she will not read my books until she knows that the series is finally and completely done. Hmm. Unfortunately she may find herself in for a very long wait. Even if I draw to a close the story currently underway that technically began with Warriors of Cumorah, that doesn't mean that I might not pursue the series further and take it another direction.

I had another fan yesterday who came up to me and explained that she will read the storylines out of order. She was just too impatient to find out what happened to Steffanie and Pagag, for example, and then she went back and read the rest of the chapters that she had skipped. I certainly understand this temptation. But I don't advise it. Especially toward the end. Those who have completed the book know that the storylines unexpectedly converge and combine in a way that would spoil certain plot twists if one read the book out of order. Those who have experienced the twist with a certain Jaredite warrioress understand what I'm saying. I'm not sure the surprise or "gestalt" of this would be quite the same if someone read the book out of order. But who can say? To each his/her own. Consume the book however you judge to be best.

My hope is simply that the book is judged to be good writing, strong storytelling, compelling research, and mind-bending plotlines. If a reader doesn't come away with a greater appreciation for the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, and an understanding of the complexity of the Book of Mormon that they previously did not possess, then the book should not have been written. The end goal with these books remains the same: a person with a flagging testimony should be compelled to get on their knees and reopen a powerful dialogue with their Father in Heaven; a teenager who is vacillating whether or not to go on a mission should find himself bursting at the seams to share the Gospel and play whatever small role they possibly can in building God's magnificent kingdom. Finally, anyone who is experiencing excruciating trials should be comforted to know that others have experienced/are experiencing similar trials, and have/are pulling through. Sure, the trials in this book are fictional. But are they? The majority of us do not have trials related to traveling in time, but beyond that, specific emotions and distress that my characters endure should seem very familiar. The spiritual challenges, physical suffering, and heart-wrenching grief are all part of the human condition. I've personally been through a lot of those. And readers who have the gift to truly immerse themselves in a work of fiction and "become part" of the adventure, I hope, find themselves very much strengthened and comforted with regard to overall theme of the Tennis Shoes series. And what is that theme? I would hope that any of my veteran readers can answer that without hestitation. Simply put: God is at the helm.

I welcome feedback from readers--so long as it doesn't spoil specific plot points. If you can't resist that, then feel free to write me directly at my email: cheimerdinger@gmail.com. I've already had my first fans ask me with eagerness, "When's the next book coming out?" So the brief respite and satisfaction that I may have enjoyed relishing the experience of completing such a long and complex novel is officially over. Now I have to get back to work.

I express, once again, my sincere gratitute to fans who have stuck with me, and stuck with the series all these year. My sincere objective is to prove that it is, ever and always, worth the wait. No shortcuts. The books are designed to get better and better as I challenge myself to out-do what I have previously done. I sincerely want to be the creator of some of the best storytelling and novel-writing the LDS market has enjoyed. History will tell if I have successed. But mostly, fans will tell. It will be shown by how long these books actually remain on the shelves of LDS booksellers before the owners finally make room for whatever is the newest trend or "thing." So far this month I seem to have earned a revitalized position on that shelf. Let's hope those days continue for a very long time.

Those who wish to preorder Sorcerors and Seers, or any other Tennis Shoes novel, DVD, etc., can call me directly at 801-495-0555. Yes, I often answer the phone directly. Whatever I become, I hope it's never someone too busy or too "important" to speak directly with fans.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

CD is Shipping/ Updated Signing Schedule

Here is the most current list of autograph events beginning next week.

Wed, Sept. 8 - BYU Bookstore 11am-2pm
Thurs, Sept. 9 - 11-3 pm, Sandy Costco
Thurs, Sept. 9 - 4-7 pm, West Bountiful Costco
Fri, Sept 10 - 11:30 am-1:30 pm, Deseret Book Downtown (across from Temple Square)
Sat, Sept. 11 - 11-3 pm, Orem Costco
Sat, Sept. 11 - 4-6 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 14 - Noon-2pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 15 - Noon-3 pm, Salt Lake City Costco
Sept. 16 - Noon-3pm, Orem Costco
Sept. 17 - 1-4 pm, Lehi Costco
Sept. 17 - 5-7 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 18 - 11-3pm, Orem Costco
Sept. 21 - 3-6 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 22 - 3-6 pm, Murray Costco
Sept. 23 - 3-6 pm. Murray Costco
Sept. 24 - 5-7 pm, Lehi Costco
Sept. 25 - 4-6 pm, Sandy Costco

The audio CD for Sorcerers and Seers is shipping tomorrow! The book actually arrived two days late, and is expected in the warehouse tomorrow (Fri, Sept. 3). From there I have to work to get packages ready and ship, likely, on Tuesday.

Things are rolling. They are coming together very quickly. Those who ordered directly from me should have their books and CDs by the end of next week or the first part of the following week (kinda depends on the United States Mail service in your area.)

There's no stopping this now. I've contemplated every possible angle and there's no possible way to prevent this book from hitting the LDS  market in a mere matter of days and impacting the LDS culture now and forever.

. . . Not that I want to to stop it. Just sounded kinda dramatic to say it that way. :)