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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hit the Streep on the Big Screen!

Yeah, the title of this blog is a bit abstract. By Streep I mean Meryl Streep, and my passionate advice, utilizing what miniscule influence I may have, is that everyone go and see "The Iron Lady" before it leaves theatres.

I had no interest in this movie. The subject matter seemed dull. A biopic about a British woman I barely recalled, but still knew little about? Sure, I'd likely see the movie later, on cable or Redbox. I'm so grateful that the start times at Jordon Commons forced my wife and I to grudgingly select this as our Saturday choice for date night.

This film is extraordinary. And I don't just mean Streep's usual brilliant chameleon-esque performance. The film itself is a celebration of principles that are so timely that my jaw dangled much of those two hours. Why? Well, because Hollywood doesn't celebrate these principles. They eschew them. They satarize them. But this film, for once, elevates them.

The plot starts out a bit slow, and we seem to yearn for scenes of young Margaret and Prime Minister Margaret and not elderly Margaret and her bouts with dementia. But as the whole thing comes together it's ALL the scenes that make this film so great. I'm as guilty as the shopkeeper at the start of the movie who sells her a pint of milk and fails to recognize who she even is. Though she is still alive, she seems quite forgotten, and unfortunately what has also dimmed may be the extraordinary legacy she left for the British Empire.

Don't wait for this one On Demand or DVD. You don't want the children's interruptions, idle conversation or microwave snacks to distract you. Immerse yourself and enjoy. See it on the big screen! The exact same issues that faced Mrs. Thatcher face us today, and the painful choices she made stare our nation smack in the face. If a Republican wins the Presidency this year (and I pray one does) it's likely that their first term will be reviled by many because of unavoidable cuts that must take place to cure our spending habits. But by this President's second term (assuming there is one) most will celebrate this leadership exactly the way Britian celebrated Mrs. Thatcher.

She was right. The pain paid off. And prosperity was the result. Her formula must become OUR formula.

I refuse to spoil anymore elements of this film. See it. Love it. Live it.

Chris Heimerdinger

Copyright @ 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updates and Amazon!

Greetings Fans and Friends!

Been a while since I've posted. Why? Well, I'm busy writing, that's why. Isn't that what everyone wants to hear?? So how is the next Tennis Shoes book (a.k.a., Thorns of Glory) coming?? All I can say is "It's coming." Soon I hope to post the Prologue and/or Chapter One. This is a structurally unique novel and I don't want to post something that will have to be pulled later because I have to entirely change it around. Soon, however, I'll probably give in.

My youngest son, Hunter Helaman, had his six-month birthday this week. Time flies. I'm also (between grueling hours at the computer) fundraising for a new film of my old novel, A Return to Christmas. Otherwise, I just slave away on the continuing adventure of Jim and Harry and Apollus and Meagan and Gidgiddonihah, etc., etc., etc. Until then, there are some great new novels and novelists in the LDS arena. Amazon is a very practical way to feed my family between books, and we work hard to keep our lofty satisfaction rating. Remember, on Amazon I'm known as FROSTCAVE. Here's some examples of new books and even some old classics that I came across:

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In the last month or so I've also dusted off my manuscript entitled Muckwhip's Guide to Capturing the Latter-Day Soul, which I always thought was an extraordinary book, but my publisher at the time wasn't sure the market was quite ready for supervisory devils giving instrution to novice devils about ruining the lives of members of our faith. Anyway, it's my personal homage to C.S. Lewis, written with my own unique twists, and directed to LDS readers. I always loved this project and found it a great (and hopefully hilarious) opportunity to explore some thought-provoking philosophies. Honestly, there's NOTHING funny or entertaining about real demons. But fictional demons??? I think the market may finally be ready for it. Wait and see!

My best to you and yours this Valentine's Day!

Stay close to the Lord,
Chris Heimerdinger