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Friday, March 31, 2017

Introducing...My New YouTube Channel

Hello Tennis Shoes Fans! 

I'm building a youtube channel for some of the podcasts from www.foreverlds.com, and potentially other things. Only 4 minutes of visuals are up so far, but I posted it anyway. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! 

Obviously what I've posted is still rough. Some images are a bit too small (too few pixels) and sometimes the "tracking" of various pans and zooms isn't perfectly centered...but other than THAT, I'd love to hear feedback. Even on the material itself. 

And YES, I'm still working on the next novel.

Stay close to the Lord,

Chris Heimerdinger

Thursday, March 2, 2017

5th Annual LDS Youth & Family Education Conference

I would like to invite all Latter-day Saints in the midwest to attend the LDS Youth and Family Education Conference, March 9th, 10th & 11th, 2017 at Coco Keys Water Resort & Hotel, Omaha, Nebraska. Not only will I be there, speaking about five different times to all ages, including teaching writing classes to children 8-12 years old, but also in attendance will be.... 
Matt Meese and Natalie Madsen of Studio C. Jeneve Mitchell, 2016 American Idol Finalist, Dr. Rosemary Stein, Marlene Peterson, and Richard and Emily Clawson. This a three-day event, starting Thursday night with a Family Dance, and then Friday and Saturday with a Youth Conference, Adult Classes, a Family Marketplace, and evening Variety Shows and Concerts. Hey, there will also be movies!--including showings of Passage to Zarahemla wherein I'll be on hand to introduce and answer questions afterwards.If you're staying in or near the hotel venue, bring your suits because there's also an indoor water park! An incredible amount of effort has been put into place for Latter-day Saints of all ages to have fun, be edified and inspired, and celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For a more detailed description and schedule, and to purchase tickets, go to http://www.ldshhe.org/2017-conference.html. Bring your books and audiobooks! I'd love to sign every one of them. We look forward to seeing you there!  --Chris Heimerdinger