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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Amazonian Joy!!!

Hey Friends and Fans! All this stuff is found on FrostCave at Amazon OR simply Frostcave.com. PLEASE DON'T do Amazon if you want multiple items. Call me directly with Visa or MC at 801-495-0555. That way, save a GRUNDLE in Shipping. Ask for Chris or leave a message.

Book $15.29
Audio CDs. $25.19
Book $15.49
Audio CDs $25.78

Talk CD $10.67 

Book: $15.47
Audio CD: $25.19
Book: $13.47
Audio Book: $23.68
Audio CDs 1-5: $86.95
Audio CDs 6-10: $101.95

Who'd a Thunk? Yeah, it's pricey. But
mine is NEW and half the price of others.
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RARE GAME!! (Mine is 2nd listed. Not
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Next Tennis Shoes Book?

I'm kinda scratching my head.

I still get at least five emails a day from fans who ask, in essence, "WHEN IS THE NEXT "TENNIS SHOES" BOOK COMING OUT???"

It seems I might not have described Escape from Zarahemla correctly. Or sufficiently. Or accurately.

Fans need to know...Escape from Zarahemla IS a Tennis Shoes book. I think some misunderstanding comes from an author's desire to keep important aspects of a book secret. No, Escape won't reveal what happens between Pagag and Steffanie, or Apollus and Meagan, etc., etc., but I can say this much: Important "backstory" regarding major characters and settings from the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series are revealed in Escape from Zarahemla. That stuff will play on and continue in "Tennis Shoes 12" (Thorns of Glory). So parts of Thorns of Glory will be harder to grasp or enjoy without having first read Escape from Zarahemla.

Whew! Okay, that wasn't so hard. And I don't think I gave away any surprises. So, in the hopes of shrinking (a little) the number of emails I get per day about the "next" Tennis Shoes book, I need fans to know that Escape from Zarahemla, though it is also a sequel to Passage to Zarahemla, is very much a "Tennis Shoes" book and will bring both novels together in a very fun way.

So when is the next Tennis Shoes book coming out? In October! And it's called Escape from Zarahemla.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

And Introducing: Hunter Helaman Heimerdinger

Less than 30 minutes after Hunter came into the world.
Birthday: July 29
              12:39 AM
Stats: 6 lbs 11 oz
         20 inches
Labor: 7 hrs. 30 mins. Natural. No epidural or other meds. (Emily was INCREDIBLE!)
Eye color: Too soon to tell.
Hair color: Dirty blond, like Dad

Hunter Helaman less than one day old.

Never seen so much hair on one of my newborns! The nurses had great fun styling it!

11 kids. Spans from 22 years to 2 days. Our next oldest child is Angelina Cumorah at age 6. This is my first boy in 17 years. 

So are we finished? Yes, we think so. We'll see what the Lord thinks, but I'm inclined to say that He supports that consensus. :)