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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Announcing My New Podcast: ForeverLDS.com

Okay, for many this is not "news". It's been a topic on Facebook for a couple weeks. But I meant to release it slowly and get feedback, but listeners let the cat out of the bag quickly, so I feel kinda bad that the last folks to whom I'm revealing this information are my followers on Frost Cave. Honestly, it's a confusing question what my "crossover" audience is. In other words, which fans subscribed on Frost Cave, but also on various Facebook "Chris Heimerdinger" club pages. So I felt it was time to bring some of my most faithful fans in on this so-called "secret".

I've always wanted to do a radio show of some type. Podcasting offers a unique opportunity to exercise my gift of gab and also express those views closest to my heart, especially regarding the most sacred views I have on  the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Podcast is a combination of my own lectures on original topics I consider particularly fascinating and entertaining, as well as interviews with a wide range of LDS personalities in areas like writing, filmmaking, music, science, scholarship and maybe even politics! In other words, the stuff that excites me the most.

Our latest Podcast is an in-depth interview with T.C. Christensen, the director and screenwriter of "17 Miracles," "Ephraim's Rescue" and "The Cokeville Miracle" (and a long, surprising list of other LDS-themed films!). I think listeners will enjoy it. Because I've also directed a feature film, I think I could ask questions that only another filmmaker would ask. Check it out at: T.C. Christensen Interview

Other podcasts deal with my thoughts and philosophies about on a wide range of stuff, always standing up--dramatically!--for LDS values and doctrines, while simply celebrating the Gospel with the kinds of subjects and questions I think we talked about more enthusiastically 20 years ago. I fear as a Church we're in a bit of a "state of siege", fearing all the political pressures of not-conformance with the world's standards.

The youth of today are the ones most savvy to Podcasting, and it's that generation whose passions I hope most to ignite. Finally, this is a chance to express, in my own unique way, the eternal gratitude I feel that God somehow helped me to find this Church, and then, after I did my part (reading the Book of Mormon and deeply wanting God's knowledge), bearing spiritual witness to me of its truthfulness. It's purity. And the perfection of it's message. That doesn't mean we don't all make occasional blunders as human beings. But the Gospel itself is perfect and it's this organization that will inevitably save the world. Certainly every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, but also that the Lord's priesthood was indeed restored under Joseph Smith and His kingdom will roll forth like the "stone cut from the mountain without hands" until it fills the whole earth.

Yes, I'm still working daily on Tennis Shoes Volume 13: Thorns of Glory, but the Podcast will steadily become the "hub" of all things Chris Heimerdinger and Tennis Shoes. I'll continue to post here on FrostCave.blogspot.com. But I invite all Frost "Cavers" to also join www.foreverLDS.com. That site is still under construction in some ways. Donations, no matter how small, are sincerely appreciated. You can access ForeverLDS through iTunes and Stitcher and other RSS feeds. Soon ForeverLDS will feature writing classes as well as a webstore for autographed books, and many other features. But the Podcasts are where it's at right now!

I hope you'll subscribe on iTunes or just visit the site every Tues (or Wed if I fall behind). We plan to provide a brand new episode every week. I truly believe this podcast is filling a niche that no other LDS podcast currently fills. Hear it for yourself!

God bless you this holiday season and as always,

Stay close to the Lord,

Chris Heimerdinger