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Friday, June 22, 2018

New Podcast!--"The Mystery of Frost Cave"

We've posted our 34th podcast on www.ForeverLDS.com

"The Mystery of Frost Cave: A true history (almost) stranger than fiction." I published a short chapter note on this topic in Tennis Shoes Vol. 8:"Warriors of Cumorah". However, it didn't even scratch the surface of the fascinating saga surrounding this unique place, featuring the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody and other Rocky Mountain frontiersmen at the turn of the 20th century. 

Did you know this cavern was once designate a U. S. National Monument, right up there with Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon? Then it got UNdesignated. What happened?? A VERY interesting tale.

The cave today is called "Spirit Mountain Cavern." In my youth these passages were the adventureland that inspired the major plot twist that has been part of the series since Book 1: "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites." --the legendary "Rainbow Room". 

To listen, go to: https://foreverlds.com/podcast/2018/6/the-mystery-of-frost-cave

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Posted on ForeverLDS: "A Jew, a Nephite, and a Jaredite walked into a bar...."

Gulf Coast Maya ruins of Comalcalco, Mexico

I've posted Episode 33 of my podcast on www.foreverLDS.com. It has a rather unusual name: "A Jew, a Nephite, and a Jaredite walked into a bar...".

This is actually Part 2 of last week's podcast: "A Tale of Three Kings" that discusses the convergence of three cultures in the days of King Mosiah I--the Nephites, the Jaredites, and the people of Zarahemla. 

Some concepts revealed will blow your mind, and open listeners up to surprising perspectives about the future of archeology and scientific pursuits in Mesoamerica that few Latter-day Saints have ever contemplated!

Sincerely,Chris Heimerdinger

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SECTION 29: The Great Unfolding Plan


I have a new podcast to announce! This one was fun. (Is fun the right word??) I focus on one of my favorite blocks of scripture: Section 29 of the Doctrine and Covenants. 
And it's LONG! Didn't some folks tell me they liked longer podcasts? 
Also, its fiery, chaotic, and downright beautiful. First time, I think, that I've had a chance to narrate something related to the signs and revelations of the last days. 
Prepare to be utterly consumed with fire! 
(Well, not literally. At least...uh...not today. MAYBE a week from Tuesday. Don't pencil in any plans! GO HERE:

Monday, March 26, 2018

5 Women Who Were Witnesses of the Physical Golden Plates


I've avoided putting stuff on this page lately, because of that evil link stuff to the right and left of the blog. Please avoid clicking on that. Not sure how to remove it, and if anyone else knows, PLEASE let me know at cheimerdinger@gmail.com.

I put up a new podcast/blog on Facebook. Some may have seen it already on BMC. I just made adjustments with text and music. BMC did a GREAT job promoting it, but in the end, it's home is on my own site of foreverlds.com. :)
AND for those who are curious, I announced this first on my page on www.oneway.com. Curious to see if this little social media page can get its wheels chugging.