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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RSS Feeds

Hey everyone! I know that a number of you would like to get updates easier - such as when I post something on the blog here or update the status of the book, or whatever. Well, you're in luck! I was able to do some research and checking around and have a few options for you now!

The easiest way for you to be updated as to when I update my blog is to subscribe to what's called an RSS Feed. For those of you that don't know what it is, check out this link here: Wikipedia - RSS Feed. Okay, so for those of you that don't want to have to read through that, basically what it is, its an automated feed that goes straight to your email that allows you to receive constant updates on the topics of your choice - for instance news feeds, stock quotes, or even blogs such as this one!

Now, I know you all have different email service providers and all want to do things differently, so I'll do what I can to help you out. I've provided a number of different links here to different tutorials for setting up the RSS feed to the most popular email clients:

What all of you will need to set up the RSS feed is the following RSS address. (If there's those of you that already know how to set these things up - just go to the bottom of the blog page here and click on the necessary link, or look to the right of your address there and you'll see the little "radio waves" icon there allowing you to set it up that way. That address is:


Once you've got that set up - then you'll have the email updates alerting you of the latest updates to the blog! Now, if you've got questions, my tech-guy Brandon has offered to help out as necessary (those of you that were involved in my old site know him as pianoeagle). Anyways, just shoot him an email at pianoeagle1903@yahoo.com and he'll try and get you sqaured away.

Now, as if that wasn't enough for you, I've also had a Twitter page set up for me. I'm gonna try and learn how to do this (Brandon tells me its not hard), but I've got it set up where the updates to the blog will go to my Twitter page, and I'll get it set up so that I can update my Facebook status from Twitter also - so that way you can know things that are going on through text message if you want! My twitter page has been set up as: http://twitter.com/frostcave. When you get there and want to subscribe, just submit the request and I'll make sure it gets approved. I had to block it off a little bit because of the spam followers that you get on that page sometimes.

Anyways, that should give you all a few options on updating yourselves as to what's going on in my world! If you've got questions, get a hold of Brandon and he'll answer them as best as he can!


  1. This is great. Our family really enjoyed Passage to Zarahemla. Will you be doing any other movies?

  2. Read the next post "Where Imagination Leads" and you'll ge the best answer I can give right now. Thanks Sandi and Curtis.

  3. I've been using google reader for a while now and when I selected to follow your blog it automatically added it to my feeds. So if you are a google reader user you can do it that way as well.