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Monday, November 1, 2010

Updated November Schedule--including Boise

So a few dates for autograph signings got changed around on me. I'm now coming to Boise, ID on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27). I'll be St. George this upcoming Saturday (Nov. 6). And in Twin Falls, ID on Nov. 20th. December is still an unknown, but I'll likely add those dates as soon as my publisher lets me know.

I've never enjoyed meeting fans as much as I have this go-around with the publication of Sorcerers and Seers. There's a truism about the publishing business: Every time you publish something new, people mysteriously remember that you wrote other things, and the other things suddenly sell better. In short, I've sold a ton of Books 1-5 and Books 6-10 as SETS. It's very interesting--and thrilling--to watch twenty years of a person's life work walk out the door with a single customer.

So here's the November schedule:

Fri, Nov. 5 – Murray Costco, 11 am-4 pm
Sat, Nov. 6 – St George, Costco, 11 am-4 pm
Tues, Nov. 9 ­ Lehi Costco, 11 am-2 pm
Fri, Nov. 12 - Orem Costco, 11 am-2pm
Sat, Nov. 13 – Lehi Costco 11 am-4 pm
Thurs, Nov. 18 - Lehi Costco, 11am-2 pm
Fri, Nov, 19 - West Bountiful Costco, 11 am-2 pm
Sat, Nov. 20– Twin Falls, ID Costco, 10 am-Noon
Sat, Nov. 20– Crowley’s Quad in Twin Falls, ID, 1-4 pm
Tues, Nov. 23– Orem Costco, 11am - 2 pm
Wed, Nov. 24– West Bountiful Costco, 11 am- 2 pm
BLACK Fri, Nov. 26– Orem Costco, 10 am - 2 pm
BLACK Fri, Nov. 26 – Redwood Seagull (about 15th South), 3-4:30 pm
Sat, Nov. 27–Boise, ID Costco 11 am-4 pm
Tues, Nov. 30 - West Bountiful, 11 am-2 pm

Yes, I'm busily working on Escape From Zarahemla (in between signing events) and hope to finish it early in 2011. With any luck, my publisher will release it before the end of the summer. Then it's full-steam-ahead to finish Thorns of Glory, the 12th edition of the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. As I've explained (to all fans at signings who will listen) Escape From Zarahemla will "TIE INTO" the Tennis Shoes series. Those who read Escape From Zarahemla will understand why this book had to be written before Thorns of Glory. Yeah, I know. The statement itself provokes multiple questions, most of which I will likely avoid answering, 'cause I'd give away too much of the story! :)

Just know that you won't have to wait five years again. I've officially published on Facebook (which is about as official as it gets) that I'll have Thorns of Glory finished in 12-24 months. I admit, it will be a very complex and heavily-researched book, but (I think) I did most of the research with Sorcerers and Seers (I won't know for sure until I'm well underway), so now I just have to float on imagination. (well....mostly.)

Either way, I promise to make these next books my ultimate roller-coaster rides. :)

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  1. That's all super exciting news!! Thanks for the confirmation!! I guessed some of that from snippets i'd overheard at the BYU bookstore signing but it's nice to know for sure. I've been an avid fan ever since I first read your books about 6 years ago. I went through them pretty fast due to about a week of being in bed because of the dentist. When I was done I went looking for other books you'd written and found Passage to Zarahemla. Living in Michigan at the time I knew it was going to be difficult to get my hands on a copy, however my mom took a trip out to Utah to see my sisters so I called her up and asked her to get me a copy. I've enjoyed every book of yours i've read and am so excited about this new development of combining books!! Hopefully i'll be able to make it to a Costco signing when your in Lehi. Thanks for all your hard work and research. I can't wait to read your new upcoming books!