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Friday, February 11, 2011

Have E-Book, Will Travel

Several big news items.

Tennis Shoes Vol. 11: Sorcerers and Seers is now available as a Kindle E-Book through Amazon.com. So for everyone who has HOUNDED me as to when this book might be available for download, I happily invite you to go to:

I'm sure the next question E-Book addicts will ask is "When will your other books be available on Amazon?" All in good time, my friends. All in good time. My publisher is certainly "incentivized" to get them up as soon as possible, but the texts of my books need to be formatted for the Kindle, which takes time, effort, bureaucracy, etc., etc.

NOW FOR THE OTHER BIG NEWS! This might be just as big as the first news, but I had to put something up first. I have a totally new store website connected to my blog called http://www.frostcave.com/. Please visit and check it out. You can also link to it from the link at the top of this page. I owe it all to the kindness of a wonderful fan named Courtney Wilson for establishing it. This site does away with the old HeimerRecords website, which had many bugs. If you were already registered on HeimerRecords, YOU MIGHT have to re-register on FrostCave.com. We're trying to find a way to preseve your info and make it automatic, but for now you must re-register. For new registrants, we will carefully see if you were registered on the OLD Heimerrecords.com website and delete your OLD registration. (So you don't get, for example, two newsletters.) To register on FrostCave.com go to: http://frostcave.com/store/index.php?main_page=login

NOTE: Because the store site (http://www.frostcave.com/) is a different platform than the blog site, it IS NECESSARY TO SEPARATELY REGISTER ON BOTH SITES.

Remember, folks who want to continue to order directly from me via the phone (801-495-0555) are certainly welcome to do so. It all goes to the same Visa or MC merchant account anyway. This new store site is sooo much cleaner and easier to access, understand, etc. And EVERYTHING IS DISCOUNTED!

In the future I hope to add many other features, including podcasts, either of my own rants or interviews with other LDS artists. In the meantime, I invite those who are interested to post "reviews" of my various book and audio products on Frostcave.com.

Now for the LAST news. My publisher asked me to design a new themed game for Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. The design was pretty much designed, so it was mostly a matter of execution. (I say that for those who worry that such a project might distract me too much from writing.) This new game will be called Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites: Race Against Time!! It should be available this fall, along with the new novel, Escape From Zarahemla, (if I can just get the doggone thing finished. :)

That's all for now! Thanks for your fanship!


  1. Is this e-book specifically suited for the Kindle or all E-Book readers?

  2. Here is something to thing about Chris, all of your readers dont have Kindles, some have the NOOK from Barnes and Noble. You might want to consider putting them out in that form as well. I know for my wife and I we have the NOOKs and love them. Just a thought from devoted fan. Love the books. Mark

  3. Hurray for the boardgame! I hope it has a lushly illustrated map---that's always one of the best part of these types of games.

    Speaking of which, is FrostCave.com going to reuse that cool image that used to be on the main page? The green ferns and sunset? That was a great graphic.

    Addicted to form, even though I know content matters more,


  4. I didn't know where else to ask this, but I was wondering which book used to be entitled "The Seven Churches". I didn't see it in your store.

  5. Hey Mark, for now it's not available for NOOK from Barnes and Noble. My publisher explained the reason and it sounded very complicated...as if the NOOK contract for authors was not worth the effort. But this is a market that is changing very quickly and intensely from month to month. I'm just happy that it's available in the most popular format for now.

  6. Jenni, The Seven Churches is now titled The Sacred Quest. Same exact book. It was retitled for lengthy reasons. I'm sure it's on the net somewhere. But it's the same book. :)

  7. When I was a teenager ( a while ago) my aunt bought us your first Tennis Shoes game. And I have to admit it is still one of the better LDS themed games out there. Simple to learn, but the book of questions is so easy to use and it has gone with me to multiple church game nights.

  8. I liked the old game too, but (as I joked in "Passage to Zarahemla") the questions were a bit too hard.

    This new game is a completely fresh concept. Interestingly, I adopted many of the same questions from the OLD game. But those questions have now been simplified (and updated to modern themes like David Archeleta, etc.).

    I feel it's better to have people feel proud of how much they know rather than to feel stupid for how much they don't know. There's a fine line between teaching and instilling confidence. Besides, questions are only a small part of the action. This game is particularly interesting in that it's a family game with an overall goal to defeat the "board". There is no "winner", so to speak. Everyone wins (or everyone loses) if the "game"(Gadianton robbers) manage to destroy all the players simultaneously. So players must work together in full cooperation to defeat evil. Much like the Gospel. :)

  9. 2 questions--When is the ETA for book 12 and will it be the last in the series? I love the series, but feel like 12 may be enough and it's time to do some awesome other project (like the planned continuation of Passage to Zarahemla).