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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Next Tennis Shoes Book?

I'm kinda scratching my head.

I still get at least five emails a day from fans who ask, in essence, "WHEN IS THE NEXT "TENNIS SHOES" BOOK COMING OUT???"

It seems I might not have described Escape from Zarahemla correctly. Or sufficiently. Or accurately.

Fans need to know...Escape from Zarahemla IS a Tennis Shoes book. I think some misunderstanding comes from an author's desire to keep important aspects of a book secret. No, Escape won't reveal what happens between Pagag and Steffanie, or Apollus and Meagan, etc., etc., but I can say this much: Important "backstory" regarding major characters and settings from the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series are revealed in Escape from Zarahemla. That stuff will play on and continue in "Tennis Shoes 12" (Thorns of Glory). So parts of Thorns of Glory will be harder to grasp or enjoy without having first read Escape from Zarahemla.

Whew! Okay, that wasn't so hard. And I don't think I gave away any surprises. So, in the hopes of shrinking (a little) the number of emails I get per day about the "next" Tennis Shoes book, I need fans to know that Escape from Zarahemla, though it is also a sequel to Passage to Zarahemla, is very much a "Tennis Shoes" book and will bring both novels together in a very fun way.

So when is the next Tennis Shoes book coming out? In October! And it's called Escape from Zarahemla.

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  1. Woohoo! Super excited! Now to read the zarahemla ones! Thanks for being awesome!

  2. I'll have to reread the first Zarahemla book! I listen to your Tennis Shoes series all the time, I'm currently at the end of Kingdoms and Conquerors and about to start Sorcerer's and Seers! So excited for the next installment! =)

  3. People are dense sometimes. Didn't you just release a new book a few months ago? What do they think? You write 24/7 and do nothing else? From now on just say 'a couple of years, I'm tired now', that should shake them up.

  4. So when does thorns of glory come out? I think that is what everyone is really wanting to know

  5. I have read the Tennis Shoes series over a hundred times and I am so exited for Thorns Of Glory! When does that come out? I have allready read Passage To Zarahemla. I'm so ready for Thorns Of Glory.

  6. For one who has not read the Tennis Shoes series yet, what would be the best order to read the books in (including the Zarahemla books as well) to maximize understanding and comprehension of the story as a whole?
    For example: should I read books 1-11 of Tennis Shoes, then both Zarahemla books, then book 12 of Tennis Shoes?

    1. Yes Read 1_11 Then Read The Passage To Zarahemla Books, Then Number 12 :)

    2. Yeah that's what I did, pretty much listened to them all on tape until 11. And then got the Zarahemla ones in before Drums of Desolation. Wait so I guess book 12 had a name change somehow, because I thought 12 was called Drums of Desolation.

  7. So you have rethought what you said when I asked you back at the movie promotional event, about the passage and tennis shoes traveling being related or in the same universe or some thing similar to that. Cause at the time you thought about it for a second and then said no I don't think so. I have been going every where and posting that. I had always hoped they came together somehow and hoped you would change your mind.

  8. Are you considering making the Tennis Shoes series into movies? It would be so amazing if you did! I'm such a huge fan of the series and it would be great to see the stories on screen. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of Thorns of Glory.. There are so many questions that the 11th book left me with. I am a huuuuge fan of yours! Thank you so much for these books... They are a blessing to my life and helped me draw closer to The Lord in difficult times.

  9. Well it looks like all these posts are from like 3 years ago. But is there going to be a book 13 anytime soon? :) It did say 'to be continued' at the end of 12. So I'm assuming there would be another in the near future. And yes that would be cool if the rest of the books were made into movies like Passageway to Zarahemla. :)