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Friday, September 30, 2011

Escape from Zarahemla SHIPS MONDAY!

I've seen it. I can officially confirm that it exists (unlike Area 51). I get my big shipment, including the audio CDs for this book, on Monday afternoon. Then I go on a marathon of packaging and shipping. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR INCREDIBLE PATIENCE! Some fans pre-ordered this thing wayyyyy back in June. Soon all the secrets, as far as how this book weaves into the "Tennis Shoes Adventure Series", which Tennis Shoes characters are featured, etc., etc., will be out. And I can rest. Not really. I'm busily concocting plot and details for the next book! That is, when I'm not promoting this one. To pre-order at the last minute and be part of Monday's mailing extravagana, go to: http://www.frostcave.com/shop/!

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  1. Monday needs to come sooner!!!! in the meantime enjoy conference!!!