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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Signings in April

Yeah, yeah. More signings for Muckwhip's Guide to Capturing the Latter-day Soul. The number of events is decreasing. I've got another Tennis Shoes book to write.
Chris Heimerdinger
MONDAY, April 1st______________________________SPANISH FORK COSTCO
WEDNESDAY, April 3rd_________________________BOUNTIFUL COSTCO
THURSDAY, April 4th ________________________POCATELLO, ID COSTCO
MONDAY, April 8th______________________________SALT LAKE CITY COSTCO
WEDNESDAY, April 10th_____________________OGDEN COSTCO
THURSDAY, April 11th_______________________ST GEORGE COSTCO
MONDAY, April 15th_____________________________LEHI  COSTCO
WEDNESDAY, April 17th______________________BOUNTIFUL COSTCO
THURSDAY, April 18th________________________MURRAY COSTCO
FRIDAY, April 19th_____________________________POCATELLO COSTCO
MONDAY, April 22nd___________________________SANDY COSTCO
WEDNESDAY, April 24th____________________SALT LAKE CITY COSTCO
THURSDAY, April 25th_______________________SPANISH FORK COSTCO
FRIDAY, April 26th_____________________________LEHI COSTCO
SATURDAY, April 27th________________________WEST VALLEY COSTCO
MONDAY, April 29th__________________________BOUNTIFUL COSTCO


  1. When is the final book in the tennis shoes and zarahemla series going to be published?


  2. My daughter is desperate! Any plans for the East coast?
    You could stay with us if you want to play tourist. Our home here in Palmyra, NY has two guest rooms. No charge except your signature in a bunch of books! :o)

  3. That's a very sweet offer. Remember that if you want something signed, it's not hard. You can simply order from me directly at 801-495-0555 and purchase anything with requests for specific signatures. Otherwise, I'll have to let you know when we plan a trip to Palmyra. :)

  4. On thank you for the reminder regarding acquiring signed books. That will be easier than a cross country trip for either of us!
    The offer was genuine. In one of the requests for signed books I will include an address and phone number so that on your future trip to Palmyra and the church history sights you will have a place to stay. We are pretty good with the tour guide aspect since my husband works for the seminary and institute program out here.
    Thanks for being nice about the offer and getting the books signed. My daughter has special needs and your books have helped her understand the reality of scripture stories despite most of the characters being imagined by you.

  5. Thanks for the reminder of how to get signed books without a cross country trip. We will do that, hopefully getting all of them eventually.
    Thank you also for responding. My daughter has special needs and your books have helped her recognize the reality of the scriptures through your imaginary characters.
    The offer was genuine. When we order I will give you an address and phone number to file so that when you are able to take a church history tour you could have a place to stay. It could be mutually beneficial, since as a tour guide my husband is outstanding. I would enjoy listening to you as a fellow writer, though for now I remain unpublished.
    Have a great day! We are truly looking forward to the last Tennis Shoes book!

  6. You're very welcome! But remember, I have a family of 13 (okay a few have moved out and one is on an LDS mission) but two guest rooms may not be quite enough. :)