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Saturday, August 24, 2013

NEW Tennis Shoes Excerpt

Hi Tennis Shoes Fans!

Yes, I'm still hard at work on the next Tennis Shoes adventure, Thorns of Glory. To prove it, here's another excerpt.

I can't stress enough the importance of reading (or watching the movie for) Passage to Zarahemla and Escape from Zarahemla before diving into Book 12, Thorns of Glory when it's finished. IN FACT, for those who order any single set of five books (1-5 or 6-10) or the audio sets (1-5 or 6-10) directly from me at FrostCave, either through Amazon.com or by calling me directly, I will offer a free copy of the book (or movie) of Passsage to Zarahemla PLUS a free copy of the book Escape From Zarahemla. Yes, until Oct. 1, 2013 both of these will be sent with your Gift Set package at no additional cost.  NOTE: ONLY the two books OR a DVD and a book. NOT the audio books. (Can't afford that.) Unless you email me at cheimerdinger@gmail.com and indicate that you want the movie along with a book for Escape, I will send the 2 free books automatically with your order.

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Or if you want to order by calling me directly at 801-870-2070, I have a secure merchant account for Visa or MC. In the meantime, here's the new Tennis Shoes excerpt. This is from the perspective of Joshua:
The tunnel opened into a very unusual room. Shafts of sunlight pierced various holes in the ceiling. The openings might have been fifty feet overhead, impossible to reach without the ladder from a fire truck, but it was a welcome relief for our claustrophobia to know that daylight still existed.

Hamira dodged the stones and boulders that littered the floor and wandered into one of the light shafts. She shut her eyes, breathing deeply and basking like a lizard. I found my own conduit of dusty sunlight and sat upon a stone.

"We can't stay long," said Hamira, more to herself. "We don't know when Nimrah and the sons of Mizerath may find us."

"They may be headed in an entirely different direction," I said.

"If, like us, they are searching for a way to Ablom and a return to our lands, they will arrive here eventually."

"Do you recognize this room?" I asked. "Did you and King Omer pass this way before?"

She nodded hesitantly. "I believe so. But it may have been night. There was no sunlight shining through openings above."

"What will happen if your brother finds us?"

She said softly, "He would kill us both."

"You're his sister," I said, wondering if this would affect her opinion.

She pondered this. "He would kill you," she said. "Me?" She sat heavily on a broken stone across from me. "I'm not sure."

Something fell from above. Something small. I watched it drop through the through the light shaft, which bent at an angle, so it disappeared into shadow neared the floor. I heard a squeal as it hit. I presumed it was a field mouse. Or a chipmunk. It was a fifty-foot drop, but such animals didn't weigh much, so perhaps it survived. It always seemed odd when such creatures made a mistake. I mean, animals were all instinct, right? They didn't normally have such accidents. A thought struck me—so fleeting. I wondered if other types of creatures might have fallen into this pit.

Suddenly I heard Hamira cry out.
@Copyright 2013 by Chris Heimerdinger


  1. Great job. I look forward to Thorns of Glory

  2. If you could make it possible for us to pre-order book 12, I'm sure many of us would...

  3. Chris,
    I read both excerpts and enjoyed them. It will be so fabulous when you finish writing and recording "Thorns of Glory". I'm amazed at your ability to involve the reader, me, so thoroughly! Your
    characters, plots, action and descriptions are so seamlessly welded together and fun!
    I have all the Tennis Shoes and Zarahemla audio books. In fact, I'm so discouraged with the vulgarity and obscenity in other author's audio books out there, I dread going to the library, not knowing what kind of stuff I'm bringing home. In contrast, I never tire of listening to all your audio books over and over, so that's what I do instead.
    Thanks for sharing your talent. You're living proof that great storytelling can be uplifting and good for the soul.
    Thanks from Judy

  4. i cant wait any more. me and my friend are driving each other insane about what it will be about

  5. My kids and I can't wait for the next one to come out! We've been listening to all the books in the car and we just love them!! After getting through all the Tennis Shoes books, we did the two Zarahemla books. Now we are on pins and needles waiting to see what happens. Love, Love these books and as a mom I truly appreciate how they make the Book of Mormon come alive for my kiddos!!

  6. My dad has been after me to read the Tennis Shoes among the Nephites and I finally did. I absolutely loved them, all three of my younger siblings who can read, plus me, plus my dad can't wait for this book to come out. Thanks for taking the time to write such amazing books.