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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Happy Excerpt from Tennis Shoes 12!

Hey Tennis Shoes Fans!
Here's another excerpt from Tennis Shoes 12: Thorns of Glory. I hope I'm offering readers more than I've ever offered before the actual completion of a new Tennis Shoes book. But I have to be careful not to post spoilers. Just enough to tease with savage cruelty.
To read about free books and chances to receive the opening chapters from this novel until Oct. 1, read the previous post:
This excerpt is also from the perspective of Joshua:

Marcos added, "Asherah is dead."

"Good riddence," I replied too quickly. It was callous. Partly, I was just welcoming a change of subject. Then I became genuinely curious. "What happened?"

"I shot her," said Marcos. His tone was emotionless, subdued. "She tried to kill the newborn babe."

"Elorah had her baby?"

"Yes. It happened not long after we separated. He was born that night."


"A boy. They named him Emer. Prince Emer."

"And Asherah tried to kill him?"

"She made the attempt just before we entered the cavern. She'd have likely killed Queen Elorah as well, if I hadn't acted." He sighed drearily, then said, "Teshebel is dead too. They . . . executed her." I could tell he'd wanted to use a harsher word, but couldn't think of one.

"Who executed her?"

"The women," said Marcos. "She was executed as a traitor."

I let all of this sink in. A lot had happened. Marcos's life since we'd parted had been almost as eventful as mine. At least more eventful than I'd imagined.
"The women executed her?" I asked again.

I could feel Marcos shudder in the darkness. Whatever he had witnessed, it wasn't a good idea to ask for details.

"What about Uguleth?"

"She's around," said Marcos, almost casually. "Actually, this is the kind of place that I expect to run into her again someday: Somewhere in the pitch darkness."

"You bested her once," I replied.

An instant later I realized it was a strange thing to say. Not only because it suggested Marcos might be afraid of Uguleth, but because the kind of revenge that Marcos anticipated did not particularly require any skill. Just surprise. Audacity. And Uguleth had plenty of that.....
That's it for now. My special thanks to all my readers, and all the recent orders received on Amazon and FrostCave.
Chris Heimerdinger

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  1. Ahhhhh, my family can't wait for this book to come out!! Savage cruelty is right! Oh, and for the record I think it should be one long book. ;)

    Any guesses on when it will be available?

  2. This is driving me crazy! I want more.. Maybe you shouldn't be putting these tempting little pieces of info together... It's so hard... :D Will it be done in time for this conference??? :D

  3. Thanks so much I love these excerpts and I can't wait for the real thing. Keep up the good work!

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