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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Upcoming Signings// Free Item for Calling Direct Continues

Hey Tennis Shoes Fans!

Here's a number of signings scheduled for Costco (and BYU-I in Rexburg) in the next upcoming weeks. All Costco signings are scheduled for 3-6 PM unless otherwise indicated. I hope this time works well for parents who may want to bring kids after school. More dates may be added to this calendar, but this is what we have for now. Hope to see you there!

Sandy Utah Costco--Nov. 19 (12-3PM)

BYU Idaho--Nov. 20 (4-7 PM)

BYU Idaho--Nov. 22 (12-3 PM)

Lehi Utah Costco--Nov. 24

Ogden Utah Costco--Dec. 4

Lehi Utah Costco--Dec. 8

Sandy Utah Costco--Dec. 11 cancelled for illness

Ogden Utah Costco--Dec. 18

For those who still wish to order Tennis Shoes 12: Drums of Desolation directly from me (book or audio book), I'm pleased to report I can still provide a free item with every order. Choose from the following: 1. DVD for Passage to Zarahemla 2. book for Passage to Zarahemla 3. book of Muckwhip's Guide to Capturing the Latter-Day Soul, or 5. "Whispered Visions" song CD from the movie Passage to Zarahemla. All items are free with your order. ($3.00 is added for shipping.) You can also receive a copy of the Audio Book for Escape From Zarahemla for $15.00 (normally $28.00). Call 801-870-2070.

I love my readers! Thanks for all your support!

Chris Heimerdinger


  1. I bought a copy and finished reading it yesterday. It was well written. Excellent work. I'll post a review online sometime soon.

  2. Are you planning on doing one here in Cache Valley?

  3. I just picked up my copy of Escape from Zarahemla and Muckwhip to complete my collection of your books (including Kurds and Way)! Now I need your signature on each and the movie. How can I get the movie?

  4. Also, I wish I would have read this post before buying the 12th book!

  5. I came on here because my Husband wants your early release CD book, I came on here to get it for him, but I don't know what free item he would want, and I remembered he was looking forward to speaking with you, and ask you questions about your writing and ideas. So I just called him, (he is a trucker) and told him to call you and order your book and act surprised when it's under the tree. =) We both love your books.
    I remember when my Grandma gave me your first book in the 90's. I didn't want to read it, and put it off for so long. Then out of total boredom and desperation I read it. I was instantly hooked and loved it!! And now I'm still hooked. From the time we were first married we have listened to you EVERY night as we go to sleep.
    It took me a little bit to get used to, going to sleep to your stories. But now I can't go to sleep without them. =) When my Husband was in the military and over seas he would listen to you as well, and his buddies (like me) also got hooked on hearing your stories as they went to sleep.
    The only time I've been annoyed is when I get woken up by UNDER DOG!!!!!.....UNDER DOG!!!!!!...... =)

    Well that's all, I hope my Husband calls you soon. You are a magnificent writer! Amazing! Thanks, Jenn

  6. I truly love this series! Thank you for writing it. It helped me visualize the people of the Book of Mormon as real people, and not just heroes we often talk about. I grew up with them and am now reading them to my children. I appreciate all your efforts in creating a fun, clean, and entertaining story for people. I can't wait for the next book!!! Please right fast :)

  7. Coach Odeeps? Just call me directly to order the movie. Number at the top of the blog. Please call. I'm really not that famous. And it feeds my family! 801 870-2070,