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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book 11 Ships This Week!

Okay, so here's the surprise. I am promised by clandestine and reputable sources (my publisher) that the book is actually arriving at the Covenant Communications warehouse on Wed or Thurs of this week. Oddly enough, I believe 'em. This means that for all those who have pre-ordered Tennis Shoes Vol. 11: Sorcerers and Seers directly from me, we will begin the process of shipping all packages this week. The wait is almost over. The eagle has almost landed. The rubber is about to hit the road. The monkey is about to swallow the wrench. (Not sure what that last one means, but...I like it.)

Not too late to be part of the first wave of pre-orders. Go to: Link

Or, you can always just call me directly at 801-495-0555. If I'm not home, just leave a number. Much Grass! (Spanish, I think.)

Chris Heimerdinger


  1. This only really applies to pre orders, right? what i mean is, the pre ordered books will be shipped to homes, but the rest will not be shipped to stores, correct? so if someone, like me, hasn't preordered the book, we'll have to wait til the 7th to buy the book, right?

  2. My guess, Dustin, is that all will happen about the same time. I suspect for those out of state I may get the books to them sooner than their bookstores. But for those in Utah, I may even get them their books a day or two AFTER they are put on the shelves. When books hit the warehouse, everyone scrambles to get them on the shelves. So, in essence, I get them the same day that Seagull Book's truck arrives. Since it obviously takes me a few days to organize and ship all packages, Seagull may get the book on the shelf a day or two before a book ordered from me arrives in the mail. Straining at gnats perhaps, but that's the natural course of events.

  3. Is it too late to preorder now? I know, I know, I'm a heinous procratinor. Thanks!

  4. How exciting! Finally your fans will get to read more of your wonderful books.

    I thought I saw you at my signing last Saturday. If it was you, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk. But then again, maybe it was just my imagination running away.

    I wish you much success with all of your signings!