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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heimerdinger at BMAF Conference and Updated Signing Event Schedule

Okay, so here's an updated signing schedule. I know, I know. My publisher went hog wild with the Costco promotions. This schedule is only for the month of Sept. I expect a BYU-Provo to slip in there as well, but as of yet it's not finalized. In October I will try to go to BYU-Idaho and the Costco (yup, 'nother Costco) in Pocatello. I've never signed at any Costco before, so I hope it goes well. As of now, Cosco is not carrying the audio book, but if the first signings are successful and enough people mention it, we hope they'll expand their repertoire by the second or third signing. But for now:

Sept. 9 - 11-3 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 9 - 4-7 pm, West Bountiful Costco
Sept. 11 - 11-3 pm, Orem Costco
Sept. 11 - 4-6 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 14 - Noon-2pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 15 - Noon-3 pm, Salt Lake City Costco
Sept. 16 - Noon-3pm, Orem Costco
Sept. 17 - 1-4 pm, Lehi Costco
Sept. 17 - 5-7 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 18 - 11-3pm, Orem Costco
Sept. 21 - 3-6 pm, Sandy Costco
Sept. 22 - 3-6 pm, Murray Costco
Sept. 23 - 3-6 pm. Murray Costco
Sept. 24 - 5-7 pm, Lehi Costco
Sept. 25 - 4-6 pm, Sandy Costco

I might as well announce now that I am scheduled as one of the speakers/presenters at this year's BMAF (Book of Mormon Archeological Foundation) Conference that takes place in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday, October 23rd from 9 am to 5 pm. I extend a personal invitation to all readers and participants of the Frost Cave Blog.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Richard Bushman, acclaimed historian and author of Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rolling. Another presenter is Dr. Ugo Perego, a world-renowned DNA expert who will present a scientific explanation to questions being asked by many on the subject: "DNA Evidence--Can it Prove the Location of Book of Mormon Lands?"

There's a luncheon where an award will be presented honoring Dr. Hugh Nibley's 100th birthday. Sister Phyllis Nibley will accept the award for her late husband for their enduring contributions to the study of the Book of Mormon.

Other presentations include "Metals and Gold Plates in Mesoamerica" by Daniel Johnson; "The Heartland Model vs the Mesoamerican Model" by Ted Dee Stoddard; "The Olmec, the Jaredites, and Origins of Quetzalcoatl" by Douglas Christensen. And also little 'ol me with the presentation, "American Nationalism and Book of Mormon Geography," which (I hope) will offer insight into a rather disturbing trend with some Latter-day Saints who preach that only lands inside the actual borders of the United States qualify as "Promised Land" territories of the Book of Mormon.
The Conference is to be held at the Sheraton Hotel at 150 W 500 S, Salt Lake City. The fee for the day, including lunch, is $35 in advance or $40 at the door. You can pre-register online at www.bmaf.org and a name tag will be waiting for you.

I know this event is two months away, but room at the hotel may be limited, so I'm hoping that readers and fans of me or this blog who wish to attend can get a jump ahead.

JUST A LITTLE OVER ONE WEEK remains before Tennis Shoes 11: Sorcerers and Seers is released. There's a link to pre-order an autographed copy in the post below this post, but if you want to avoid the hassle of ordering online, just call me and I'll input the information directly into my merchant account: 801-495-0555. 

I can't believe the 5-year wait is almost over. Trust me, it's been no less suspenseful for me as it has been for readers.

Stay Close to the Lord


  1. We can't wait! I would love to attend the conference in October, I love listening to my tape of your Adventures with the Book of Mormon, any chance that will be available on cd?

  2. OMYGOSH!!! I am so glad that you finished it. I was kinda bummed when I saw the interview on Passage to Zarahemla and you said 2009 and it was like June 2009 I saw it. But I was so psyched when my mom told me there was an update on your last book. Then I remembered your blog and got SUPER excited that you're doing a book signing. And finally I am in Utah to attend!!! I like Arizona in all but now I am in Utah attending Utah State Univeristy in Logan. I am going to like it here.
    sorry tangent- anywho, I am super excited and I am totally buying both the book and the audio. can't wait to get a copy. Good luck at the book signings and don't get mauled!!
    Have an amazing day and keep up the good work.
    Cortney C.

  3. So what day does it officially come out?

  4. Wow That is soooooo Cool!! I am excited to get Sorcerers and Seers and of Course Read it!! Iam hoping to come get my book signed at one of your locations!!

  5. Congrats Chris!!! I'm definitely anticipating the continuing adventure! I hope you get some sleep, but tuck an extra pen in your pillow case just in case you don’t.
    I have especially enjoyed the audio versions of your Tennis Shoes Series. I have twice listened to volumes 1-10 as I've driven my thousands of kilometres each month. I don't have lots of discretionary time for actual reading of books, but in your case, that’s good. In my experience with audio books, your creative creation of audio storytelling is most unique and entertaining. To date (and it's rather tough to pick just one scene from so many great ones), my favourite scene is the armed battle between the warriors Apollus and Gid. I would venture to claim that that clash of those undefeated titans - from two different continents and cultures, is the finest battle ever penned on paper. Legendary work Chris! That scene is certainly the most heart stopping one I have ever read (or heard)! My question now is, “Will you outdo yourself in Volume 11?” Perhaps I’ll have to pull over and park my semi again!

  6. Why, why, why, does absolutely EVERYTHING have to be so far away from where I live? I would totally come to everything, if only it were a little closer! I'm still looking forward to the day when you decide to do 'anything' in Cache Valley. There are definitely enough of your fans up here to make it worth the trip. And you might be able to do a signing at Sam's club (sorry, there arn't any Coscos here).
    Well, if you ever deicide to make the trip, I'm (still) all ears! :D

  7. You should do a book signing in Oregon - I know LOT of people that would come!! I have all 10 volumes of the tennis shoes series, and I've pre-ordered already #11. I've got several of your other books as well. I heard somewhere that #11 isn't the end - is 11 the last one, or will it be 'to be continued' as well?

    ~Kathie (a loyal reader and fan)

  8. You should come and do a signing in the Mall of America!!! That would be so amazing!

  9. Hey Chris, I received my pre-ordered copy of "Seers" and am already through chapter 2. Brilliant as always! I'm sure you don't remember me, but I was seconds away from you employing me to be your assistant several years ago. :) But anyway, life has presented me several surprises and challenges, and now, here I am in sunny San Diego soaking in the sun, the sites, and the education. I am double majoring in Religion and History and truly passionate about it. Which brings me to my point... I will be flying in and attending the BMAF conference in late October and am very excited to here you, as well as the other prestigious presenters, speak. Thank you for announcing your speaking engagement, otherwise I would have never known about this organization. Quite intellectually thrilling. Hope to see you at the conference.

    Joey (the 6'9" guy)