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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Muckwhip" Review from Veronica Machen

Ok, so I have been a fan of Chris Heimerdinger forever. I think I have read everyone of his books and most of the Tennis Shoe books at least twice. When Chris came out with his newest book I couldn't wait to read it. It's called "Muckwhip's Guide to Capturing the Latter-day Soul." I read it on the kindle and reality was, it was hard to put down.

The premise is a "devil" giving advice to his underling on how to trip up and to lead his LDS target astray. The book is a good read and honestly made me think about how much the adversary wants us to fall and the subtle things he does to help lead us off the path. I found myself visualizing the things that have tripped me up or made me stumble and resolved to do better. I also found myself visualizing "hosts of angels" surrounding me every time I say my prayers.

This was a fabulous book, one that can make you think. If you like Chris's work, you won't be disappointed.

Veronica Machen

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