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Saturday, December 1, 2012


For those who haven't heard, I'm announcing the release of my new novel, "MUCKWHIP'S GUIDE TO CAPTURING THE LATTER-DAY SOUL: The Inside Scoop for Teens, Missionaries, and Families on Avoiding the Pits and Snares of the Enemy."
I know. Everybody's waiting eagerly for the next "Tennis Shoes" adventure, but I started writing "Muckwhip" 13 years ago. All I did was comb its hair and wash its face and nudge it out into the world so that I didn't detract much time or attention from plowing ahead with "Book 12: Thorns of Glory." (Read my blog from last week to get more info on this).
SPECIAL SALE!! The e-book on Kindle is normally $9.99. But until Friday, Dec. 7 (ONE WEEK!), I have PLACED THE KINDLE EBOOK on MEGASALE for $4.99. That's 50% OFF FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS! Go to:
The actual book comes out in paperback in Jan. 2013 (one month!). The Suggested Retail is $14.95 HOWEVER, pre-orders are $9.98. PLUS! All those who PRE-ORDER the book from www.frostcave.com will ALSO be emailed the FIRST CHAPTER of "TENNIS SHOES BOOK 12: THORNS OF GLORY"! I'm currently polishing this chapter (I guess it's technically called the Prologue), so I ask all buyers to give me couple days before I start sending this attachment to ALL PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS of the paperback edition.
MY READERS ARE THE BEST!!! Thus, you guys deserve a GREAT DEAL!!!
Chris Heimerdinger

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  1. We took our family on a trip across the country this summer and to keep the ten of our twelve children we had with us as well as my sweetie entertained on the long days of travel, I read aloud your Tennis Shoe books. We started with #1 and finished up through #4. When we got home I ordered the remainder of the series and just today I finished reading the last of #11 to my sweetie. He's not very happy. He doesn't like cliff-hangers and that was quite a bombshell you left us with! Can you tell me when we might see #12?