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Sunday, November 15, 2015

ForeverLDS Podcast Near Launch

Hi Readers, Fans, and Fellow Saints,

The podcast is coming. It's coming. It's coming. A week? Not much longer.  www.foreverLDS.com. I'm very excited. Original. Mind-expanding. And I hope the timing is dead on. We'll release it in portions, starting with the general podcast that anyone can listen to. It's possible that we'll also set up the Professional Storytelling Podcast from the get-go. I was thinking about $35 for that class. Too much? Too little? As we add more "lessons" the value naturally goes up, as folks recognize the uniqueness of the approach. Maybe then we'll think about raising it. But I'd like to give a break to early birds, so to speak. Maybe this would be the first year's cost, and then renewal would only be $2 bucks a year or something. Please give me your feedback. Of course, nobody will know the true value until they hear the first "general" podcast or two. My approach is very direct. The world is changing too fast to mince words. The Gospel is the cure. But it's also just exceptionally FUN to be a member of this Church. For those who forgot that, or never heard it put quite that way before, I hope you quickly "get" what I'm talking about. 

Stay close to the Lord,
Chris Heimerdinger

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