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Monday, April 17, 2017

New Forever LDS Podcast: Legacy of Mormon and Moroni

I am proud to present the 23rd episode of our Latter-day Podcast, www.ForeverLDS.com

THE LEGACY OF MORMON AND MORONI: Fresh perspectives on the last decades of The Book of Mormon

Much stuff has been posted on our Mormon Podcast over the last couple weeks, including a new session of the Professional LDS Storytellers Workshop entitled, "The Business of Storytelling, Lecture 1." Impossible to predict how many "lectures" will be necessary to cover this topic. So much to say, and the marketplace is constantly changing. More are recorded and in the editing stage.

Also, I keep adding clips to our brand new YouTube Channel. NEW SUBSCRIBERS WELCOME! The one titled Premiere of Passage to Zarahemla: Fans Gushing Shamelessly is all in good fun. Hope no one is offended . . . too much. In fact, this footage never got used in any promotional material--nor has it ever been seen. If anyone actually KNOWS the individuals in this clip (or if you happen to BE one of the people) lemme know so I can give appropriate credit.

As far as the general, free part of ForeverLDS, I plan to be more consistent adding a new podcast every two weeks. Just have to also keep up the pace on Tennis Shoes 13: Thorns of Glory

Gratefully, life is better and the engine is chugging a bit faster.

The entire www.ForeverLDS.com site is also headed for a major overhaul. Look for this in the next couple weeks!

Chris Heimerdinger 

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