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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hello ForeverLDS Readers and Listeners!

Considering our YouTube Channel, I should add viewers. What's currently on the channel is the first 10 mintues of Podcast 23: The Legacy of Mormon and Moroni: Fresh Perspectives on the Last Decades of the Book of Mormon

This is a 45 minute podcast, so no, it's not finished. But I felt what was edited is looking kinda nice, so I wanted to show it off. We received feedback from several people saying, "Hey, Chris, it would be so much better if we could see your face you narrate!" So, very reluctantly, I broke out my high-tech smart phone and filmed me prattling on the massive soundstages of my office/shed in Providence, Utah. Not a pretty background. Not a pretty mug. But it's great fun and I hope an insightful look at two great prophets at the sunset of Nephite history. 

I have already filmed the NEXT podcast, entitled, Battle of the Book of Mormon Geographies: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"--Dickens. Restoring reason to an unreasonable situation. Yeah, that's the whole title and subtile. Not sure it'll fit in the editor, so I'll likely have to condense. This episode was filmed using the skills of Redge Flake and Andy Matthews at their facilities in Draper, Utah with two hi-def cameras. Not sure what their timetable is. I might record another version here in my office so I can get it up on www.ForeverLDS.com quickly.

ForeverLDS itself is undergoing a transformation, striving to move the site to a WordPress format so I can make it dynamic and a store page. I hope this is soon available as well. Subscribers here on Frost Cave really should move their subscription over to ForeverLDS. I made that plea over a year ago, and...Oh, well. Only a small percentage have switched. Takes a while so I'll continue to post news and updates in both places. 

OH, and for an update on Tennis Shoes 13: Thorns of Glory, just listen to a bit of the next podcast when I post it over the next few days. You're in for a fun sneak peek (er, sneak listen)!

Stay close to the Lord,

Chris Heimerdinger

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