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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3-Week Warning

At all autograph signings I've told people that my products would not remain at Costco forever. Costco has provided the least expensive prices I've seen for the new book and audio book of Sorcerers and Seers, as well as the shrink-wrapped sets of books 1-5 and 6-10 of the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series.

Costco just announced a three-week sell down of all these products. Therefore, beginning in early-to-mid January, the products will no longer be sold at Costco.

Their prices have been incredible, especially in this economy. I can't even sell them that low on my own website. As far as I can figure, every product has been priced close to the actual wholesale costs. It's been a phenomenal way for new fans to get started on the series. Also, as far as I am aware, Seagull and Deseret Book (at least those located in the same community as a Costco) have willingly price-matched Costco's prices. But in three weeks, all of that ends. In fact, for the audio, which is only $25.99 at Costco (usually $40.00) the opportunity ends on FRIDAY. The unabridged 15-CD audio for Sorcerers and Seers is discontinuing earlier than the books.

Now, none of this is bad news. Costco has been great! They've always had a quick turnover of new releases. This blog is just to warn fans who still want the products, or those who still want to give them as gifts, or those who bought the first 1-5 book set and weren't sure (yet) if they wanted the second 6-10 book set--a warning to act fast. All prices will go up (which basically means they will return to normal) three weeks from Dec. 27th.

Just wanted to save my fans a little Christmas dough. :)

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