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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Public Appearance Schedule for December

Hello Fans and Friends! I wanted to post my promotion/autograph schedule for December. It just got finalized. Yes, I'm very busy. But if you notice, not so much for the next few days. That's because I just got out of the surgery for some nasty basel cell nonsense on my nose and another cosmetic fix UNDER my nose that the doctor also mutilated (but for free! Can you believe it??! (No, the initial surgery wasn't free, just the cosmetic thing.))

Anyway, here's where I'll be, scars, bandages and all. (Okay, all that stuff will be removed in a week or so. But means I'll still look rather pathetic in Lehi on the 6th.) So come support the walking zombie. :)

Dec. 6 - Lehi Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 7 - Orem Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 9 - West Bountiful Costco, 11-3pm
Dec. 10 - West Valley Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 14 - Lehi Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 15 - S. Ogden Costco, 11-4 pm
Dec. 16 - Orem Costco, 11-2 pm
Dec. 17 - Sandy Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 18 -Sandy Costco, Noon-2pm
Dec. 20 -West Bountiful Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 22 - Sandy Costco, 11-3 pm
Dec. 23 - Orem Costco, 11-3pm
Dec. 24 - Lehi Costco, 10am-Noon

These signings have been a phenomenal way to meet fans and move books. Thanks to all who have kept me company at such events! Have an extraordinary Christmas season!

Chris Heimerdinger


  1. Uh, Chris, I noticed a HUGE typo.
    It's supposed to be Dec. 14 - "Logan Sam's Club", 11-3 pm. Not Dec. 14 - "Lehi Costco", 11-3 pm. If you fixed it, that would make me VERY happy! :D :) ;) ;D ...Please? <3

  2. Sorry. No typo. Sam's Club actually wanted to charge my publisher somewhere around $175 just for the HONOR of doing an autograph party at their locations. My publisher said "Thanks, but no thanks," and has stuck with Costco who does not charge and considers it a win-win. Sorry about that. :/

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  4. Why not just find someone who loves you enough to drive you to Ogden? Gotta be somebody for you out there.