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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Escape From Zarahemla: Chapter One

Hello Friends and Fans!

I wanted to give an early Christmas gift to my readers by posting the opening chapter of my newest novel, Escape From Zarahemla. For those who are not aware, this is a sequel to the book Passage to Zarahemla. I suppose you could also consider it a sequel to the movie, but more particularly it's a sequel to the book. Honestly, the movie follows the novel about 90%. That's the advantage when the novelist is also the film director. But little things are different. For example, in the book, Sakerra is a blonde. In the movie, she's a brunette. You are perfectly welcome to imagine Summer Naomi Smart in the role of Sakerra since I believe she gave a wonderful performance. But technically, she's a blonde in the sequel, just like in the original novel. Not that it matters since the opening chapter doesn't really discuss that issue anyway.

I'm actually a good four or five chapter beyond what I have posted here. The novel is coming along swimmingly (I love that word). If all goes as planned, I'll finish it this spring and submit it to the publisher ASAP. Then I'll dive into Thorns of Glory, the 12th novel in the Tennis Shoes series. However, as I have reported to numerous fans (particular at autograph signings) when you read the entire novel of Escape to Zarahemla you will fully understand why I had to write this book before I wrote Book 12. The two novels will carefully tie together the two "worlds" and certain Zarahemla characters will become Tennis Shoes characters in Thorns of Glory. Confusing? Nah! For readers I actually think they'll find it to be great fun.

I know many people have not yet read Sorcerers and Seers. Chances are, you won't even dive in until you open your gifts on Christmas morning. But I will tell you that there is a moment--somewhere toward the end of Sorcerers and Seers--that offers a strong presentiment of the eventual interweaving of these two stories. But I'll leave it to readers to figure where that "hint" appears.

In the meantime, I hope my fans have a great and glorious Christmas. Especially, I hope that everyone finds an opportunity to perform a special act of service for some other person or family to make their Christmas, or their lives (or both) a little more special. Opportunities are countless. A little prayer and a little inquiry (from your bishop or other leaders and family members, as well as the Lord) will make the opportunity obvious. Remember, we can never find ourselves in Heavenly Father's debt, and I believe our nation and its citizens could use all the blessings that the Lord can bestow.

Well, enough preaching. Here's the link. I hope you enjoy Chapter One of Escape to Zarahemla. And don't worry about typos, etc. Likely the chapter will experience one or two major overhauls and rewrites anyway before the final version is published. Enjoy!  Link


  1. Really good! More eager now than ever to read the book!

  2. Thank you for an awesome Christmas present! I can't wait to start reading tonight...

    And now I have to go back and listen to the CDs again to see if I can figure out where the clue is, although I've got a faint idea...

    Merry Christmas!

  3. That was a fun read. Thanks, Chris! I hoped all along that the two stories would tie together somehow, so I'm looking forward to both the new books. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merging the two stories? Brilliant! I'm going to look for that hint now. No wonder you made a movie of Passage to Zarahemla first, rather than Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites.

  5. AHHHHH. Just finished Sorcerers and Seers. Now I have to wait. How many years do I have to wait? I felt like I just read Empire Strikes Back, or watched the Two Towers, and now I am stuck in limbo! Oh well. I will wait patiently. Thanks for the book Chris.

  6. Will this sequal be a movie as well?

  7. No movie sequel is in the works. Just the novel. If you've read the chapter that is online, you'd notice that the SFX expense to produce and film just this chapter alone would cost the entire budget of the first movie. All that is okay, though. I always felt my imagination was restricted on the first Zarahemla story because the intent was always to make it a movie. This meant I always had to keep budget in the back of my mind. "Escape From Zarahemla" will have no such creative restrictions. I already have some very cool stuff in my head... :)

  8. I think I know what hints you were referring to... There is a time close to the beginning and then again at the end of Sorcerers and Seers. I am so excited for these new books! Please don't take forever to write them!!

  9. I LOVE IT!!! you need to post more! (or get the book published, that would totally be better!!!)
    and i dont really see the hints... although, i think i know who the boy with the jaguar is.... hmm... but i need to read the next zarahemla book to know for sure....

  10. I'm so excited for both the next "Tennis Shoes" book and "Escape From Zarahemla"! Sounds like I'll have to go back and read "Passage to Zarahemla" again. Should enjoy that =)